Jeddah Update

When the organizers of the L&T Symposium asked me few months ago who they should invite to speak about blogging in Saudi Arabia, Hadeel was on top of the list that I recommended. It would be hard for me to speak on the stage knowing that she is supposed to be there with me, but I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

I fly to Jeddah in a few hours. The symposium won’t kick off till Saturday, but I thought I would arrive a bit earlier to hang out with my friends and meet some people. I found out that fellow blogger Mohammed Milyani will also be speaking at the event but in a different session.

The symposium blog confirmed yesterday that Queen Rania of Jordan will be the opening night keynote speaker. If you want to follow the event keep an eye on their blog and this page. The sessions will be broadcasted live on ART (probably the open-to-air Ein channel), and it will also be webcast courtesy of MeduNet.

I’m not sure how often I will be able to update the blog while I’m in Jeddah but you can always check out my Twitter page to read some fresh bits and pieces.

2 thoughts on “Jeddah Update

  1. Jeddah is based on rumors and gossips. its mythical grandmother lies there signifying its mysterious past. Its multi-cultural stratas give away its charm and decay. Jeddah is filled with corruption and charm. it rminds me of New Orleans of America. Alas, Its French Quarter has never found its proper place among the allays of wahhabism.

    Be whover u wanna be. Be a self-claimed star. Be a religious zealot. Be a corrupt business man. Jeddah is the place . Jeddah is the mother that takes in all the sins and blessings of her sons and daughters.

    Ode to the city of contradictions. I am mesmerized with its curse and bliss. I live and die . I evlove from childhood to senility and Jeddah is still the same..Wave comes and another wave goes.

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