Fouad Released

I woke up around 5:30 this morning on the beeping of my iPhone which received a short message from the wife of my friend and fellow blogger Fouad al-Farhan telling me that Fouad has been released and that he is back home with his family now. That’s great news and this is just how I wanted to start my morning!

The good news made me less nervous and more relaxed about giving my presentation today. I’m doing some final revision now and should be standing on the stage in the main room at the Hilton Hall to speak in a couple of hours.

49 thoughts on “Fouad Released

  1. WOW! That’s great news! I had prayed for Fouad’s release a while ago…..!

    Good luck on your presentation! I wish there were some way for people outside of Jeddah to listen to what you have to say, or a transcript of your presentation. Anyhow, good luck and God bless! :D

  2. And I was thinking it’s gonna be tomorrow!!!!!
    I hate you! =D
    At least write later about it.. please..

    I had the great news too from the good guy Mashi 97 this morning..
    Mn jd, this is a great news to start your day with! =)

    Ciao ciao =)

  3. I truely needed a happy news such as this one, I got it from one of my friends this morning while I was in the middle of my work..
    He is finally back.. Thats the greates news ever..
    And hope you did well in your presentation..

  4. Glow!: it was really nice meeting you today, and I’m so sorry you missed it. But now that it went well and turned out better than I expected, I’m willing to repeat it tomorrow if they allow me :-)

  5. Woow…Alhamdulilha..Thanks for letting us know..Its about time!!!…Hope your presentation went well there Ahmed!!!

  6. loool
    Ok. let’s pray they would allow you! =P
    Well, tomowwor’s schedule says:
    10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. Concurrent Workshops
    So I thought it’s going to be the same topics or something! =)
    Anyhow, nice meeting you too =)
    Although when I left, for a moment, I thought that I did not give you the chance to say anything! You only looked “kinda disoriented!” & nodded!! =P

    I tend to get carried away most of the time!
    You should’ve interrupted! =P

    Try posting a clip or something!
    I’m sure you can get a record.

    Take care & enjoy Jeddah!

  7. I’m very happy Fouad Al-Farhan is back with his family. Speaking the true has its price sometime. I hope he knows people around the World cares about him.

  8. Thank God.

    am Really happy 4 this gr8 news , We all love u Fouad and we’re really proud of u bro. Keep it up and God bless u.

    Thx Ahmed for the news :)

  9. Was reading CNN online and found out a fellow blogger from the other side of the world was realesed. Whatever reason, glad to read it is over. Very Happy to read that. :)

    Regards from Mexico,

  10. The bush administration can bring democracy and fair elections to JORDAN, KUWAIT, AFGHANISTAN, QATAR, BAHRAIN, EGYPT and many more arab dictatorships without resorting to wars. One million iraqis were killed for no reason at all except LIES. This is agreat subject Farhan can blog about. Isn’t it Mr. Farhan?

  11. Hi Ahmed – this is really great news. Congratulations to Fouad and his family, and bloggers like yourself who were not afraid to show him support throughout all of this.
    I read in the Arab News (on-line) that the Ministry haven’t released any statements about his release.
    What will happen now that Fouad has been released? Will yourself and the other Saudi bloggers be able to get some answers about why Fouad was detained? What can the international blogging community do to ensure other Saudi bloggers’ safety and freedom of speech?
    If I have so many questions coming from Ireland, I can’t imagine how many you do!
    Best wishes, and keep in touch
    Aoife Mc (Dublin)

  12. I was so happy. Just heard the news this morning. Well my husband changed my Satellite to DSL and either there is something wrong with my internet or John’s website arabian crossroads is blocked! I am like get me my Satellite back man!

    So Happy for Farhan. I miss you guys. I have been busy these days :-)

    Things are going good…I can’t hear what Farhan has to say. Peace!

  13. what the hell how’s foua? and why u writen in english ,,, why that’s ur native language or what …. or u think u r in a highe level when u write in english .
    what f@ck guys

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