This was the first thing I saw when I entered my college building this morning:


Few hours later, someone decided to give them a piece of his mind:


P.S. I’m not in the mood to translate but if you can read this and want to volunteer to translate, please do in the comments.

UPDATE: I guess someone didn’t like what the first someone did:


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  1. I’m not that good in English but I did my best to translate it :S

    It’s about youth and the way they dress..
    *someone correct me if I’m wrong :$*
    and then some guy wrote: this topic really helps the nation !


  2. Okay,

    Here is the translation:

    Been with a small font size in the top I will make a brief of that:

    The cultural and social comities of the engineering faculty are pleased to invite you to our weekly activity under the name of “Our Youth and Dress Code”

    Then below that comes names of scholars and lecturers addressing the students within that topic.

    The top bottom by the right goes with: Available Headline with three subtitles which are: Book Fair, Islamic Records, Committee of Virtue Propagation and Prevention of Vice


    Below in the 2nd photo: someone makes an ironic comment saying: A great topic that helps our Umma (Nation) Rise, Please Keep it Up Talkative Ones!


  3. My attempt at translating that:

    “Good god, this topic sure does help our nation, you people who only know how to talk”


    I don’t mind the topic honestly, as long as it doesn’t make me pull my hair out when I see some of the stuff them teenagers wear (never been to Saudi so not sure how is it there).

  4. Ahmed, I will translate it, ahem ahem (given we are in the Saudia!!!)………… well, The Jeans is Haraaaaaaaaaaaam (forbidden! you will go to hell if you’d put it on!) wallahi what can I say but ask this simple question: where are some people drifting!?? Ahmed, thank you for the hilarious shots, you made my day :D

  5. Thanks for the translation you all! Appreciate it. I have to put my five cents in too, and say that the thobe is not any better than the jeans…at least the jeans is not transparent to enable you to see whether the man is wearing boxers, briefs or nothing at all as the sun behind the man reveals the silhouette! :D Oh oh, and as kids who went to Manarah Jeddah [we would wear jeans/tshirt under our thobes], I remember we had to lift our thobes up above the knees to allow us to run and play football! LOL! :D

  6. And here’s some irony for ya…..if they’re worried about modesty, even though the jeans show the shape of a person more, they cover them up a lot more too! I think its absurd that a government can be so concerned with the way people dress when they have much much larger problems on their hands.

  7. Wait a sec. …!!!
    u all didn’t go to that seminar ..!! right??

    maybe it wasn’t a talk about all that u think (jeans and stuff) maybe it’s about the latest fashion around the guys .. the “low waist” jeanses or about the tight shirts and all that strange fashion all guys they’ve been wearing lately..

    I mean (don’t judge on something that u don’t know anything about it ’til u hear it or see it complete by yourself)

  8. Thanks everybody for the translations! I thought it pretty evil of Achmed to post something which looked potentially very inflammatory, and then leaving out the translation!!!
    Probably it is a plot to get us all to study Arabic!

    I’m also dying now to hear what the discussion was all about! Of course there can be nothing more important in culture and politics, than men’s fashions!

    Mansur, Thank you for pointing out the attractions of wearing a thobe (for women). Achmed, Don’t you think you should reconsider? Why stick to the haraam jeans, when a thobe would be so much more exiting?

  9. I personally find the toes on this man sexually repellent, so maybe it’s doing it’s job…
    but at least the shoes leave a little to the imagination, maybe his toes are more attractive
    : }
    thanks for the translations, without them, I would have only wondered about that, too

    hang in there, I’ve NO IDEA how I would handle a morality police…people who think they have THE Truth frighten me
    be well, stay strong

  10. The idea of spending time money and effort on a such a personal liberty as clothing seems inane.

    However, I personally think a man wearing dishdasha (thobe) is far more attractive than one in trousers/jeans :P

  11. lol I meant:

    The idea of spending time money and effort on a week discussing such a personal liberty as clothing in lectures seems inane.

  12. Excuse me guys & girls !!

    Could any one give me an answer for those quick small questions :

    * Did you attend ?
    * Did you review the agenda ?
    * Did you ever went to this kind of seminars ?
    * Who is telling you (Jeans) is forbidden (Haram) ?

    I know a ( lot ) just wanna to write somthing ;) !!
    and the other wanna to write anything

    SO Please friends

    I want to know ( Why we are always thinking in negative way !! ?? )

  13. Jeans is better then thobe is some cases. Thobe is helpful for people who like to discriminate. When too many people are wearing jeans it makes it a little difficult to diffrentiate between nationalities. And it thus makes their jobs a little bit more difficult.

  14. The funny thing is that when people like Dr. Phil talks about the american teens dress code it is an interested topic and a seen-by-millions talkshow. But when our scholars talks about it espcially from Islam point of view it is a funny topic?

    What downy look to ourselves? Guys get a life

    Was prophet Mohammed PBUH told his his campanions and then us what to wear and not to wear was funny? stupid? or unopen-minded?

  15. People are dying of hunger right around the corner, and this is all these “sheikhs” have to offer? Shame on them.
    What baffels me is how how we are expected to believe that these people are really religious.

    With that said, you might benifit from an event such as this, Ahmed. I’ve noticed your jeans and polos. Do it for the good of the Umma, because there’s really nothing of more importance we need to be occupied with.

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