Introducing Guest Blogger Lubna Hussain

Lubna HussainOld timers on this blog probably know that I’m a big fan of Lubna Hussain, and they probably remember how I used to link to her articles in Arab News frequently here. Unfortunately, Lubna stopped contributing regularly to Arab News sometime ago. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to meet Lubna for the first time, and I told her that I miss her potent and strong articles. She asked me if she can write in my blog, and I, surprised by her kind gesture, immediately said: “yes, that would be great!”

Lubna Hussain currently runs NBC Universal Riyadh bureau, and she is the host of Bridges, a weekly political talk show that airs every Saturday on Channel 2 of Saudi TV. I’m extremely honored to have her as the first guest blogger on Saudi Jeans and looking forward to read her posts here.

Welcome, Lubna!

15 thoughts on “Introducing Guest Blogger Lubna Hussain

  1. Congratulations, Ahmad. This is indeed great news for all of us. After Lubna you may consider getting Abeer Miskhas on your boat too! Wouldn’t it be great? ;-)

  2. اتمنى دائماً أن يتواجد الإعلامي في عالم التدوين سواء ضيف أو صاحب مدونة ,, يعجبني عبدالعزيز البكر كاعلامي يدون معنا
    أنه لا يدون ما يقوم به .. له مدونه شخصية يتواصل بها مع الجميع
    تحية لضيفتك ,, في انتظار دوماً المزيد من الأقلام القوية
    التي تخاطب بتنور العالم وتعكس صورة حضارية بهدوء

  3. I was wondering what had happened to her. I be sure to check back in to read when she does contribute!

  4. I am here as a fresh as abutthole in Jeddah street. I have been drifing far in many lands. I could not find refuge. I could not find meaning. I am here looking for no meaning …no hope…. I am only a driftigsands that roams aimlessly with no purpose or goal.

  5. Wow!! I can’t believe you got LUBNA HUSSAIN to guest blog on your blog.

    Her articles is probably the only reason I check regularly. And I had been wondering why she had stopped writing for ArabNews. Now I know.

    Looking forward to reading her post.

    Oh one more thing. If you could, would you ask her if she would guest blog on my blog? I always say, there’s no harm in asking.

  6. hai,i am preethi hannah from india…i was born and brought up for 16 years in riyadh…i studied in ksa!!lubna hussain happened to come to our school for an investiture’s ceremony…she was hell inspiring…now i am 19 and i am doing b’arch in india…i have this project which is titled “an inspiring personality in your life”…i want to know about her but i just know whatever she told about herself in my school…it would be so nice if you can enlighten me on her history and her biography as a whole…till i was in riyadh she was only in arab news…now good she conducts programs too!i miss riyadh…anyways…please help me!!i need to do this in another 3-5 days time!!thank you

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