Public Service

A 30-months-old boy was found Sunday on Dhahran St. next to Jazeera Dates Factory here in Hassa (aka Ahsa/Hofuf). The police have asked people who have any information about the boy’s family to contact them. The boy skin color is white, has black eyes and hair, and was wearing an orange shirt and blue shorts when he was found. You can contact the police on 999, or leave a comment here and I will do the rest.

2 thoughts on “Public Service

  1. May Allah protect him and reunite him with this family. Ameen

    May Allah give him and the family sabr. Ameen


    – Omar

  2. how terrible! do you know that here in the US, they have this system called ‘the Adam alert’. John Walsh, the host of America’s Most wanted tv show, had a son called Adam. He somehow got abducted from his parents and was later found dead. He was abused and killed and was I believe only 2yrs old. So if you are in a store and you lose sight of your child, you go to a store clerk and they put out the Adam alert and lock the doors of the store until the child is found. In this case, this poor little boy is alive (thank God!) but I would think that there ought to be some form of Adam alert or missing persons in KSA? I cannot imagine losing either my 3 or 8 yr old..I hope his poor parents locate him soon as well..

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