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You probably already know that my favourite team in this World Cup was England. What I did not tell you is that my second favourite team was France. A friend of mine supports Brazil, and he used to sympathize with Portugal during the Euro 2004. He says he does not support them anymore, but I can’t believe him. I mean they are called the Brazil of Europe, and they were a former Portuguese colony, right? Anyways, so after France defeated Portugal 1-0 last night, we had this SMS exchange. (His messages in red, mine in blue):

Penalty my A$$!!!

Regardless, Portugal still not good enough.

Regardless! That’s a funny word! You give a goal for a team in the semifinal of the World Cup and you tell me “regardless”!!

And you want a team that couldn’t make a decent serious threat in two straight matches to reach the final? It would be a shame to the World Cup if Portugal was in the final.

1) Portugal were better than France in this match. I don’t believe that you watched the first half because Portugal was about to score from more than one chance, but suddenly the referee interrupted by giving the unfair penalty. Because of that, the scenario of the second half was obvious for a team about to lose the match and the other is winning! 2) Even France did not make any serious chances! 3) It is a shame for a team to reach the final because they did not make serious chances in one or two matches but it is not a shame to reach it be unfair penalty without any serious chances in that match! ;-)

If Scolari was smarter he could have changed the match, but oh well.. Scolari is stupid. You can blame it all on the referee but that won’t change my mind because to me Portugal reaching this stage is undeserved.

When France won my team (Brazil) I get real about the fact that France was better, but for you it is not; your team must be better all the time: England was better, and France was better, and God knows who else you like is better just to absorb the shock! I’m sorry, but that’s how I see it ;-)

You know what they say: truth is relative, my friend! I like how you refer to your opinion as fact :-)

So now it was just my opinion! This is just classic from you: when you can’t say a thing you just put the relative crap in the middle. Anyhow, congrats ;-)

And that’s just so typical of you to describe me like that when we disagree. Don’t worry, none taken :-)

My team and your team are both out!! I think we must shut the f**k up!! ;-)

5 thoughts on “Civilized Dialogue

  1. i thought portugal were playing very strong initially…they even had the ball to them most of the time. however, i was with Framce and was real glad they won. Although, if France didnt get that penalty, then I am sure the game would have ended nil-nil and would have carried on with the penalty shoot-out. I felt a little bad for Portugal because they played very hard…but then, for me, its always “may the best team win!” By the way, really interesting sms dialogue!


  2. Wow ! People can be soooo passionate about a game . This is just beyond me. Oops I can already hear my brother expressing his disgust at my inability to understand …

  3. Mansur, I’m expecting France will do it again. They will beat Italy and win the World Cup.

    Sanchari, it’s the beautiful game, what can we say?

    Sarah, thanks. You have a nice blog btw, but the design needs some work, and you should activate your blog’s feed.

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