Not Your Dad’s Bumper Sticker

I found this bumper sticker in front of a bakery shop/café last week, and could not leave the place without snapping some photos using my mobile phone:
Hijab Hijab
It is interesting how some people used the campaign to boycott Denmark to send their messages.

4 thoughts on “Not Your Dad’s Bumper Sticker

  1. صادفت مثل هذه الملصقات كثيراً، وفي كل مرة أجدني أردد: ما أرخصها من طريقة للابتزاز باسم نصرة النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم!!

    هل ضاقت بهم الحيل، فلم يجدوا طريقة لإقناع النساء بطريقتهم في الحجاب إلا عن طريق ضرب وتر نصرة النبي عليه السلام؟!!

  2. Almost everyone uses the same trick! .. u know what many supermarkets and businessmen did trying to use the problem of Danish cartoons!.

    The thing is that they show only one way of hejab .. and that sends the message that if you don’t follow our style then you gonna be the bad girl!.

  3. Hadeel: Pathetic, isn’t it? More on hijab at Noura blog.

    Ingrid: Basically it says, “if you love the prophet then you must stick to this form of hijab.”

    Abu-Joori: You’re right. I really hate misusing religion or texts to imply a certain point of view.

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