Ukraine’s defender Vladislav Vashchuk said that th…

Ukraine’s defender Vladislav Vashchuk said that their humiliating 4-0 defeat at the hands of Spain was not the fault of the players – but was down to the frogs. “Because of the frogs’ croaking we hardly got a wink of sleep,” he told the today’s papers. Aha! Now we know what we should do to beat them: tell Saudi fans in Germany to go and through some (many?) frogs outside the Ukranian team’s hotel :-) German newspapers was not impressed at all by the players’ complaints, and described them as the worst World Cup excuse of all time.

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  1. Holy shit! Dude did you see Argentina today? They thrashed Serbia & Montenegro 6-0!!!
    These fucks just might win the world cup :(

  2. Entertaining, is the word to describe that match. Now that’s a display you would expect from a World Cup favorite. I felt sorry for S&M though, they were totally crushed. But don’t worry, when they face the Three Lions it’s a whole different story. Remember, we kicked their ass in 2002, and I’m pretty sure Rooney and his teammates can do it again.

  3. well argentina is surely the best team so far
    they impressed me a lot
    they havent been doing very well in the past world cups
    but this might be their year

    i am getting worried about england, they really need to up their game, i just hope we will see that when the second round starts.

  4. England have been worrying, but just like Dotsson, I expect them to show a different image in the second stage. The team have much more to offer, and they have the motivation to do so.

  5. well ahmed
    i have already stated that (my comment)

    but i am still doubtfull
    it was T&T!!
    lets see how they do against the swedes,
    i hope rooney makes an impact in this world cup, he is the player that can get england through, i still think that choosing owen is a mistake.
    we’ll have to wait and see.

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