A Weird Incident

Last Sunday, on my way back from campus, I stopped at the red light on Al Oruba’s intersection with Al Takhasosi. On my left, there was a Kia Optima where a young woman wearing Litham and sunglasses was sitting in the backseat. I glanced a quick look her (about 2 seconds), then turned my face to the front waiting for the traffic light to turn green. I wasn’t in a really good mood. I just wanted to pick up some lunch, and get back home to relax after a long day at college.

I turned left on Al Takhasosi, leaving that car behind me and forgot all about it. I stopped at Kudu to get my lunch (Kudu salad, if you were curious). The distance between Kudu and the building where I live is less than 500 meters, so I drove it carelessly until I got there. When I got off my car after parking it in front of the building, I noticed that the same car, the Kia Optima, was following me. The driver was slowing down as they passed by me so the woman could look at me carefully. Another quick eye contact, and the woman ushered to the driver to speed up. I don’t know why I got this weird feeling that she had recognized me, and wanted take another confirmatory* look.

* Blame subjects like pathophysiology and pharmacognosy for words like this!

2 thoughts on “A Weird Incident

  1. oh your a guy *laughs*

    i like this typical incident, while reading i thot u were a girl thn i realized that you were driving, am like where in the world could a girl drive here in ksa…

    yea, nice blog, strong point of views

    just passin by …


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