The new issue (April-March) of Al Qafilah magazine has come out, and inside it there is an article by yours truly. Al Qafilah is a prestigious magazine published bimonthly by Saudi Aramco. I feel proud because this was actually my first writing gig; the first time ever that I get paid to write something. My article was featured in a page where they usually offer a point of view that is unusual regarding some cultural issues. I had the freedom to choose whatever subject I want to write about, so I wrote on the crisis of publishing industry in the Arab World. I want to thank Fatima Al Jefri, the editor of the magazine, who offered me this opportunity based solely on my writings online (especially my Arabic blog). She was really nice to me, and kind enough to answer all of my stupid questions, as this is my first time to do such thing.

One thought on “Published!

  1. Congratulations Ahmed.
    It is a big step forward, and of course you deserve it.
    By the way, this magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines, and I’ll try hard to get this issue to read your article.

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