King Faisal Foundation is going to launch a privat…

King Faisal Foundation is going to launch a private university next year, “to cause a change in Saudi Arabia,” said Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid, deputy managing director of the foundation. According to the him, the new university should be like MIT or the Cambridge of the Middle East. They will teach engineering, medicine, science and business technology, and will not offer any courses in Islamic or social studies. The interesting part of this news story is: Male and female medical students are going to study together. Now this is going to make some people lose their minds, isn’t it? It is weird how the Sahat guys did open their fires on this story, yet.

3 thoughts on “King Faisal Foundation is going to launch a privat…

  1. Don’t tell me its gonna be in Riyadh too!!

    About the medical students, most likely they will be seperated inside the room if they had to be together for some reason.

  2. It’s about godamn time.

    Higher education in Saudi is absolutely ridiculous. It makes null sense that kids from the whole Riyadh region (for an example) and surrounding towns and even as far up as Tabook are all vying for the same spots in a public university.
    ..and then you have random universities with sketchy accreditations (on the global scale) opening their doors to whomever is willing to shell out the big bucks.

    This is especially the case for women. Families are more than willing to send out the guys abroad for a proper education while the female counterpart is stuck in “shari3 5amsa” dodging lesbian passes and enduring broadcasted lectures.

    Do they realize how long it takes to foster a repuatation akin to that of MIT or Cambridge?
    We are way behind in the game.

  3. Whoa! I’d like to see that happen, but I won’t believe until I see it… The Rabid Cleric Posse (aka muttaween) must be absolutely frothing with righteous indignation at this.

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