Video Mania

I said that I will try to post more video clips from Al Jazeera Forum, and they are here, finally. First, there are two clips for Haitham Sabbah talking during the panel on blogging. There is also two clips for Shaden Abdul Rahman from her participation in the youth voice panel. And last but not least, here is the .3gp video of some sheikh talking to member of Shoura Council Mohammed Al-Zulfa, telling him to stop his calls for women’s rights. (Note: In order to watch these video clips, you have to download them to you hard drive first and then play them. None of these file can be played online. RealPlayer required)

5 thoughts on “Video Mania

  1. I was having trouble with the video myself. But after some thought I’ve figured out how to play them.

    You download the video file by right-clicking on the links “two” & “clips” and then clicking on the “Save target as…” option. The file will save as an .htm file. Once you’re done downloading them you have to manually change the file extension from .htm to .rm. If you do that, they should play fine with realplayer.

    By the way, great blog you have here.

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