Fed Up

1 I’m sick of waking up from sleep, getting back from campus, or just leaving my room for whatever reason, only to find someone is gaming on PlayStation, and leaving no time for anyone else to watch any TV. Talk about inconsideration.

2 I’m sick of the fact that every place I want to go to in Riyadh is “for families only.” You made me hate families so much I think I’ll never start one.

3 I’m sick of a sick-minded guy who tried to steal my identity online, and now keeps on sending me freaky emails. Get over it, and then get a life.

4 I’m sick of this long-bearded racist freak in college, who attempts to mock my accent, and apparently purely hates me for the mere fact that I’m Shiite.

5 I’m sick of the dysfunctional train booking system, and that they have recently raised their prices 50%. I asked one of their employees about it and he told me it’s one of the preparations for the expected privatization of the National Railways Organization. I always thought privatization is supposed to offer better services for lower prices. It seems I don’t get capitalism. Silly me.

6 I’m sick of the internet illiteracy at KSU. Ironically, they formed an internet committee last year, and ever since they have been publishing photos of their meetings in the university newspaper every week. What have they accomplished so far? Nothing, really. It is so true: “You want to kill a project? Form a committee.”

7 I’m sick of going to the stadium, just to find myself surrounded by idiots who think a football match is the perfect occasion to show off their dirty dictionary publicly. Those idiots would curse everybody: the referee, the opponents, their own team and players, their fellow supporters, and even themselves.

8 I’m sick of watching movies on computer screens. Am I going to live long enough to watch movies in cinema theaters in this country?

9 I’m sick of people who suddenly decide to cover their faces from me. They put a wall that is unnecessary, irrational, and simply disturbing.

10 I’m sick of the fact that the living room of our apartment is always dirty just because some guy thinks it’s the normal thing for lads to live in a dirty place. I’m sorry, dude, I’m no Mr. Clean but I’d like to find a clear spot to sit on in the so-called living room.

11 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. 1 the next morning, the playstation is discovered lying mangled in the kitchen sink garbage disposal…
    2 better than single men only! (bwahaha!)
    3 where’s the troll from? freaky emails?
    4 sigh. been there, and got the t-shirt. In fact, you could always print one up that says “Got turbah?” to piss him off, though…
    5 weird
    6 more weird
    7 it’s the modern version of gladiator matches!
    8 probably not any time soon. Tragic, too. I’ll go see a flick in your honor this week, though.
    9 again, it’s that “single man” thing. I can’t deal with it when Muslim brothers suddenly have “peripheral vision” where their idea of acknowledging my existence is to look over my left shoulder when they speak to me, or to look at the floor lest they.. and so on..
    10 ewww. Tell them women like men who have some notion of cleanliness. It might perk their interest, you never know…

  2. Regarding point 5) liberalisation and privatisation should make the system converge to the fair price. However, if the current price is subsidized it can only go up!

    That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg!

  3. hi there!!!I really like your blog, despite the fact mine isn’t in english (i’m portuguese) i would like to tag your blog in mine…
    Would you mind?

  4. Very interesting, well organized and sorted out, I was wondering if you can add more to the I’m sick of part..


  5. Ahmed,

    you need to travel away from Saudi from time to time (never mind that you just did a short while ago). A little sanity break although being a student, when will that be possible time wise and financially?! Is there an exchange student program of sorts you can do just to be in another environment for a change? Don’t know if that would be ok with you because of your family (back home).. hang in there.

  6. I was an English teacher in Hassa for 2 years. Reading your blog is hilarious. However, I wish you would not blame Islam for Saudi Arabia’s problems. Saudi Arabia is a tribal society that uses Islam as a cover. From women not driving,no cinemas to wearing thobes,bisht, ghutra and igals etc.. This is Najdi cultural nonsense under the guise of Islam. I had alot of students like you with a secular outlook and that loved the west more than Islam. Unfortunately, for you Saudi Arabia will not turn into Paris no matter how much you complain. You really should think about leaving if you want your freedom to drink and fornicate.

  7. why are you watching movies on a computer screen? I watch my movies on a t.v w/ surround sound and sitting on a couch.

    Maybe you can get the freaky stalker you have and set him loose on the bearded weird guy who wants to mock your accent. There are so many jokes for the beard guy you should at least have some fun with it.

  8. hey, is this one part of the “things that bug me” series? i have a couple of those that are kind of relevant (check out my latest post, i’ll spare you the details on this comment).
    by the way, i love your blog…so interesting…

  9. I’m sorry for you for being sick and tired of such things. Though I didn’t understand the meaning of ‘Shiite’. I guess it’s ‘cool/open-minded/liberal’ whereas the beard-guy is full of anti-open-mindness. Btw, I hate beard-guys when they grow it for Islam. I’ve never met anyone of those who was a good person. Never. All were hypocrites.

    If you hate your country as much as I hate mine, why not leave it? It seems you’re an intelligent young man. You can find a job or something abroad. The world is big, you know.

    Of course it would’ve been better if you studied abroad, and then started your career once you had graduated.

    For me, I’m leaving for the United States one day. Though I know how hard it is (being a Med student), I am going to struggle for it.

    Most people of the Gulf are ignorant – sorry to say it, but it’s the truth. Esp. KSA which I think is the most strict of them. UAE (where I used to live) and Kuwait have now become more civilized and liberal.

    Anyways, nice article, and God Bless.

  10. Leila,
    This “Got turbah?” t-shirt is a genius idea! I really should get one of those, LOL.

    Thanks. I don’t mind at all.

    I’m thinking about making more lists, but not necessarily the “I’m sick of…” kind of lists.

    I, for sure, don’t blame Islam for problems with Muslims in Saudi Arabia or any other part of the world for that matter, and I don’t love west more than Islam. Drink and fornicate? Where did you read that? I don’t recall writing this.

    It’s not about the size of the screen. It’s about the experience.

    Yeah, you can add this post to that series, but I think it’s different.

    Dr Haisook,
    You can go to Wikipedia and read more about Shiites. I don’t hate my country (more on that on a coming post).

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