Open letter to Obama, things to do in Riyadh

  • King Abdullah will meet the American President tomorrow. Abdullah Alami has an open letter to Mr. Obama. I find it naïve of Alami to ask Obama to stop the American media from criticizing Saudi Arabia. The American President does not control the American media. Hell, if he had any control over the media he would probably try to stop them from criticizing him. Don’t get me wrong. I hate to see my country being criticized unfairly. But I believe that the best way to stop the others from criticizing us is not by asking them but rather by fixing our issues and solving our problem.
  • Laylah fromt the Blue Abaya blog has some advice to Western women about what they can do in Riyadh to fight boredom and make good use of their time in the capital. She makes some nice suggestions that could be also useful to male expats, and even to some Saudi citizens.

6 thoughts on “Open letter to Obama, things to do in Riyadh

  1. Dear Saudi Jeans
    Voicing my objection on the way American media is attacking Saudi Arabia is NOT asking President Obama to stop the media. But I do find Saudi Jeans naïve not recognizing that the American administration managed in influencing KSA to fire editors-in-chief for criticizing US policies.

    • Huh? Implying that American administration have (any?) control over US media in the same manner Saudi government control Saudi media does not make for a sound argument. Last time I checked, the American newspapers do not need their editors to be pre-approved by the president.

  2. It really depends on the paper though.

    Some newspapers have valid criticism of Saudi Arabia while others are just spiteful.

    Still, I believe most Saudis are too used to the idea of state control of the press.

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