Malik Nejer profile, King Abdullah & Obama meeting

  • After reading his name on this blog, Caryle Murphy decided to meet Malik Nejer and then she wrote this nice profile of him for The National daily, which is based in Abu Dhabi. “Sometimes it’s scary when you’re alone and you feel like you’re rebellious against a culture and an entire society,” he said. But I don’t think this is the case anymore. Thanks to the internet, Malik and other artists and activists who challenge the conventional wisdom of our conformist society have come to realize that they are not alone, and that there are at least some people out there who are like-minded and have similar ideas.
  • Abdullah Alami will be happy to hear this:

    “I want to also thank our friends, the American people, and I also would like to thank our friends here in the media,” King Abdullah said at the end of his statement. “May God spare us from all of the bad things they can do to us.” As Obama chucked, Abdullah added, “And may God bless us with all the positive things they can do for us and for humanity.” Obama chimed in: “Well, that is an excellent prayer. Thank you.”

    Here’s the video. The quote above starts at 8:35.

2 thoughts on “Malik Nejer profile, King Abdullah & Obama meeting

  1. Ummm…I love Malik’s cartoons but I think he’s being a little too extreme in his “I’M REBELLING AGAINST SOCIETY!!” talk. Perhaps because he lived in a rural village most of his life. I also found the fact that his father was disappointed he dropped out of university and the chance of a good living in a law career was because his father “is from the desert” where people don’t have freedom.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of fathers would be disappointed in their sons dropping out of university because they just found out not to their liking (especially in the west where higher education is very expensive, usually with the father saving up for years to pay for it)

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