Maysoon explains herself

So Maysoon Azzam, the anchor from Al Arabiya channel who could not stop herself from laughing on screen while reading the news few days ago, finally decided to come out and explain why she was laughing so hard. Well, she did not exactly state the reason behind the laughing, but she justified it saying she is only human and not a robot.


Because I have always thought that Maysoon Azzam, Suhair al-Qaisay, Rima Maktabi, and the rest of Al Arabiya anchors were pure angels who descended upon us from the heavenly skies, to peek from the silver screens of our televisions and tell us the horror stories of war and conflict with a smile on their pretty faces. It has never, ever, not even for a single moment, crossed my mind that they could be mere mortals like me. Sorry. My bad.

UPDATE: Okay, that’s strange. The link above to the article that Maysoon Azzam has written on no longer works. It seems that the article has been deleted from the channel website. However, the piece has been already republished in many other websites. You can find it here and here. In her article Azzam says the management “understood what happened and received the incident and the reason behind it with a supportive smile.” The sudden deletion of her article probably suggests otherwise.

6 thoughts on “Maysoon explains herself

  1. It is too bad she was presenting at the time on serious topics, but it was clear that she was trying to stop laughing about something else. Most likely a joke told during a break or someone setting her off behind the camera. It is common, and happens to the best. Usually a joke is made of it and it is re-run on air. With the person laughing at themselves. It is a recognized hazard of the profession, and people try tricks like biting their cheeks or causing pain with their fingernails curled into the palms of their hands. She maintained her composure as best she could and that should be the end of it.

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