Obama Wins!


Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. Congrats to Abu Hussein :-)

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  1. the most disappointed people out of obama’s voters are going to be the ones who voted for him simply because of his origins (which is the purest form of racial discrimination, even though it’s a positive discrimination)

    once president, obama is not going to be black, afro-american etc any longer. he is going to be a politician, however high seat he is taking, only ONE politician, controlled by one single currency of our times in politics worldwide: MONEY

    his origins was a fantastic factor to his campaign but people voting for him solely because he is ‘a black guy’ and ‘one of us’ will very quickly get disappointed with him and become his most ardent critics

    also, let’s not forget that even though worldwide obama was a straight winner, regardless of the seats assignment, the actual gap between the two candidates has turned out only a few millions of votes out of a hundred million. if we compare this to the overwhelming support for obama in the world, it will become clear how little we understand the united states as a nation

    it is going to be an amazingly interesting story to watch

  2. I’m not big on politics, but shouldn’t the world wait for the electoral votes? Bush lost the popular vote in 2004 but still ended up president.

  3. Tarek,
    It IS the electoral votes that came in and let us know who won. The popular vote of a state determines who won the electoral votes from that state. Bush lost the popular vote if you count each individual’s vote in the country but the states work independently and they each have a set number of electoral votes.

  4. My life has changed. I feel that I can touch the sky. Thanks Obama and your supporters. You’ve opened so many doors for others. I’m flying high, I can touch the sky, I see Martin, all those that paved the way. Obama, President of the USA.

  5. Hey REPENT…does this mean you have the gift of intuitive sight? I think it’s awesome that you see the future…your tomorrow, or next month. What will the weather be like next Thursday? What will my day be like on December 24th? Oh, oh, oh…can you tell me if I’ll find a boyfriend who loves me…how much do you charge for a reading? You must be so talented psychically to know what will happen in the next four years. You are amazing. Wow, everyone, ask her a question….he’s/she’sobviously gifted.
    You’ve just driven home the thought that you reap what you sow. Instead of thinking positive thoughts about your country, your city, your neighbourhood, and your family thriving, instead, you have already created your future by blaming someone who hasn’t even started the job yet.
    Grow up and take responsibility. Your life is in your hands, your thoughts, and actions. How are you going to improve your country?

  6. Ahmed, long time no visit. It’s been busy ‘over here’. I am allowing myself to be happy with this outcome just because the alternative would have been too awful. And can you imagine Sarah Palin getting ready to run ‘again’ in 2012? Her handlers will be educating her every day no doubt. The alternative would have been continued culture wars, within and outside the US. I was sick of it and thank God a lot of Americans were too.
    So since the Bush years are over, I do feel relieved and hopeful. I also however echo a previous commenters’ sentiment who said that he will be a ‘politician’ first and foremost. On the one hand, of course he will be, it is not as if he alone can do any changing. The change has to remain being pushed from the grassroots. The Republicans have until now forged ‘issues’ (focussing on non political issues and smear campaigns) whilst Obama has honed in on what this country was dying for; unity, non-divisiveness and fear mongering. My poli sci background will still think that in terms of foreign policy, the pursuit of oil will dictate that direction. However, let’s hope that more ‘players’ (i.e. other countries in Asia/ME) will have more of a say what will go on rather than the bullying ‘do as we say or else’ tactic of the neoconservatives..
    take care Ahmed, hope you get better soon,

    austin, tx

  7. Amen to Donna. America, you now have the leader you need – intelligent, strong, gentle, determined, humble and inclusive. I am really so happy for you all.

  8. “And to all those who have wondered if America’s beacon still burns as bright – tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope. ”

    I have never really heard Obama until I heard these words…

    He has my full support!

  9. We go through this nonsense every 4 years and people buy it each time. Remember Bush and his “humble foreign policy” speech 8 years ago? Faces change, policies don’t. Dems and Repubs play the same game every 4 years with the same old slogans.
    Obama is just a well spoken politician who will do little to change things. People need to quit being so naive and shed the immaturity of style over substance.
    “Beacon of light” my foot! Actions speak louder then words.

  10. Well…I have been oppressed and believe in America’s actions. I have been to my countries and stand up for and defend my country’s actions. We certainly are not perfect but I still believe America is one of the best places on earth to live. I can only say that after experiencing a lot of crap in other places.

    I respect your opinions…

  11. Ahmed, I wondered what your response would be to Obama’s win. I worked or the campaign the last three months and I can tell you the experience was unique-and the structure of the campaign on the groud was to organize communities and promote volunteerism. My work over the course of this campaign was to empower and include people in this process and I think the message of Change resonated with people. The international response to us winning has blown my mind! Keep writing everyone- I live to read your opinions!

  12. As a 62 year old white woman who lived in the deep South of the U.S. before Civil Rights, I never in my wildest dream thought that an Afro-American would attain the Presidency during my lifetime. I am so proud of the U.S.

    Moreover, I am proud that the U.S. deliberately chose to elect a President that is pragmatic, intelligent, deliberative, well-spoken, and well-traveled.

    As a child, Obama lived and went to public school in Indonesia while his mother, a PhD sociologist, worked to help poor families, particularly in areas of micro-financing. Her thesis paper is still considered the premier document used around the world. Sometime later in his life, he backpacked around SE Asia and the Middle East with a Pakistani friend. In Chicago, he spent many hours in the home of Rashid Khalidi, a Muslim and Professor at Columbia University. Obama says Khalidi challenged his thinking and ideology.

    At Harvard Law School, he became the first Black elected to head the Harvard Law Review, the most prestigious position at the school. His other Afro-American colleagues expected premier positions to go to them, simply because they were Black. Instead, he chose people whom he thought were the best people for the positions. Many of whom were Conservative whites. They all agree that Obama is extraordinarily intelligent. They also state, unequivocally, that he knows how to bring people of differing opinions and ideas together.

    He could easily have gone to work as an extremely high paid attorney and become a very wealthy man. Instead he took a low paying job helping disadvantaged, poor, forgotten people find jobs and gain a voice in politics to address their needs and wants.

    But don’t be fooled that he will be weak and led around by special interest (moneyed) groups. That is not his reputation, going all the way back through his schooling, and why he built a online community of small donors and supporters. He speaks out for what he believes is the right thing. Moreover, he is not beholden to big money donors but to the millions of people who supported him and gave small donations. That’s something totally new in U.S. politics.

    This week, he opened a web site, asking Americans to contribute their ideas, ask questions about policies and processes, and give their opinions. In other words, CHANGE from politics as usual.

    So, what everyone in the Middle East is asking: how will he treat us?

    First of all, he’s not interested in ME oil. His philosophy and promise is to wean the U.S. off oil through new green energy technologies.

    Second, he will reduce the American troops in Iraq gradually over the next 16 months, as ground conditions permit, to enable the Iraqi people to govern themselves freely.

    Nevertheless, he will work in conjunction with the Iraqi government to help them rebuild their country and its security.

    Third, he will get to work as soon as possible on the Israeli-Palestinian problem. My belief is that he will be even handed with both sides. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he told Israel it had better pull back and agree to a settlement or face a severe loss of U.S. monetary support. He’s well known for having a velvet glove over a steel fist.

    Third, he will work, both diplomatically and militarily, to change the dynamics in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Providing financial aid to Afghans and Pakistanis to rebuild and retool their economies. Decrease government fraud and greed. Taking advantage of his community organizing experience and the knowledge of micro-financing from his mother, he will work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to rebuild communities, develop local businesses, and create powerful political voices to challenge the status quo.

    Fourth, he will work to change the dynamics in Darfur, Congo, Zimbabwe, and the rest of Africa where corrupt or violent leaders believe it is acceptable to slaughter thousands or millions of others for whatever reason.

    But…and this is a very big BUT…the U.S. cannot accomplish these tasks alone. The rest of the world, including Middle Eastern and Asian countries, MUST help. American resources and manpower are not unlimited. We need the rest of the world to join with us to create a world where every single human being is considered valuable, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnicity, or gender.

    Fifth, he will work to decrease the animosity between Iran and the West. It would be a terrible mistake if Iran actually did develop a nuclear weapon. No country in the world needs nuclear weapons which is why Obama has stated that he wants to reduce the U.S. nuclear arms, enter into negotiation with other nuclear powers to decrease nuclear arsenals, and lock down the potential of any rogue state or group obtaining nuclear materials. Nuclear proliferation is the singularly most dangerous outcome facing the world and the human specie as a whole.

    Lastly, I believe he will try to work in partnership with the ME to develop a better understanding among the peoples of our various countries. Only by understanding each other can we hope to survive the obstacles and challenges of the 21st Century.

    I believe these things about Obama’s plans and thinking because I’ve researched his life and ideas as written by people who know him well. The world will see a different type leader, as opposed to the Bush Administration, in President Barack Obama. That I believe.

    But rogue murderers, like Al Qaeda, cannot expect mercy from President Obama. The U.S.– and Allah (God) willing — and all other nations will never allow murderers to create the kind of havoc that could potentially destroy the world or any country.

    We, as a community of human beings, have to be better than that havoc and death.

    People of all shades and genders and religious persuasions have to come together to save ourselves and our planet. We have to become one community…which is how and why Obama won this U.S. election.

    I understand that believing in Obama is difficult, especially after the last eight years of the Bush Administration. But, please, give President-Elect Obama, after he takes office on Jan. 20, a chance. Give the U.S. a chance to show you we really are better than the last eight years. Through our election process, we have thrown off the shackles of intolerance and narrow-minded ideology and pray for a better, more peaceful world.

  13. @Sparky,
    I am replying to you in regards to the other thread since comments there have been closed. You’re wrong on all counts as usual.
    I posted on the site for the first time recently so I’m not sure who you’re confusing me with, not that I care. I guess we are all the same to you, junior. As for America being one of the best places to live, I guess you haven’t traveled very often, seeing as how only 5% of yanks have passports. The average American is a simpleton high on prescription drugs and believes whatever is on TV. The fact that many of you are in complete awe of Obama shows your superficial understanding of race and American politics.
    In the real world, Obama will change a few things to clean up America’s shitty image around the world while maintaining many of the same policies brought about by Bush.
    Get over yourself, yank wanks.

  14. I have been many place throughout the world and have friends from everywhere…

    I love myself! I love my country and I believe I will learn how to love Obama in time! I love Saudi Arabia too or else I wouldn’t be commenting or caring! I will bomb you will love bombs!

    Nothing else to say!

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