Making the Case for the Hunger Strike

When I posted about the hunger strike last week, I did not expect that anyone would try to talk me out of it. But some people actually did. Some think it is not a worthy cause; some think it is pointless and would have no effect; and some told me they have been intimidated by what they described as “aggressive campaigning” online. To those I say: forget the hoopla; forget the banners; and forget all the coverage.

You think I’m doing this to get media attention? I don’t need media attention. I already have the media attention. I see the hunger strike as my little personal gesture to the detainees. I don’t know what it would mean to them or if they even know about it, but it certainly means something to me. It means that I do not accept injustice. It means that as much as I’m proud of this country, I’m disappointed by how it repeatedly fails to live up to its highest standards. It means that I believe we are better than this and we deserve better than this.

“What about 75 Saudis detained in Guantánamo Bay? They don’t deserve to be supported?” one of the hunger strike opponents asked. I never said they don’t. Nobody did. And if their lawyers and families started a campaign tomorrow I would not hesitate to join and support them. However, I believe that our government is responsible before us more than any other government. We frequently criticize the US for their double standards and failing to respect the principles they preach. That’s fair. But charity begins at home, and it is our moral obligation to our nation that we remind it with the great ideals that it stands for.

If you think this hunger strike will achieve nothing and therefor don’t want to participate that’s okay, but please don’t try to make of it what it is simply not. If you decided to participate, then think why you are doing it; don’t just follow the crowd blindly, and be sure that you can make the case for this. It will be more meaningful and far more rewarding.

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21 thoughts on “Making the Case for the Hunger Strike

  1. hi, i came across this blog and i find it to be very inspirational. This is something that you are doing as a personal decision, yet it can be contagious. who knows maybe others will join you and create more of a stand for what you are striking for. good luck!

  2. I believe that your position is a very noble and courageous one, it takes a lot of courage to stand up and say what you’re trying to say… I hope the hunger strike don’t become a silent one. ;)

  3. I applaud your nobility of purpose in what is unquestionably a good cause.

    I hope that the ulemaa do not cause you or your fellow defenders of liberty any pain through their defence of the system that they impose and create.

  4. I liked you speech and could feel your energy.

    I am gonna do it! I have found it matters not what others think as long as you know what you are doing is a good cause and right then that is all that matters.

  5. Yep, Ahmed you are making history! Definitely not a loser in my book. I know a lot of losers in Saudi and you are NOT one of them!

    YOu are that beacon of light when all hope seems to be snatched away…

    YOu are number one!

    YOu are the best!

    People especially the wrong doers are trying to discourage you because they are scared of the unknown. They are scared of justice…they are scared of our truth…I have lived in Saudi long enough to know the truth!

    Question: Can I drink beverages…???

    P.S. Any person that would object to this hunger strike is a LOSER IMP!

  6. Thank you, Ahmed! I really needed to hear this. A lot of people thought I was crazy for agreeing on publishing my name in the statement. Why are we always afraid of standing up to ourselves and those who are being treated unfairly? I got called an attention whore, an ignorant “liberal”, and so many more. I couldn’t care less about the political motives of this strike -not that I agree that there are any- but it’s so heart breaking to see people’s indifferent reactions and their lack of broad mindedness. Again, You couldn’t have said it better, Ahmed! Thank you!

  7. Fear is the biggest deterrent…for some. I applaud you in your efforts. There were black people in the 60’s that were worried about all this hoopla the young kids were raising. Sit ins, boycotts, etc.; but changes did come. Changes that black men and women were jailed, and beat up for. But, guess what…everybody receives the rights the blacks fought and were jailed for; the asians, the hispanics, white women, the handicap, etc.

    You have to be willing to fight for your rights. If you sit around complaining, you’re a whiner…you gotta “do” something…not “talk” something. BTW: I’m a proponent of non-violence as a means of protesting, unless someone tries to harm you physically.

    During this strike…make sure you get plenty of liquids…and some fresh squeezed juices if you can.

    Peace and Good Luck!!

  8. The purpose(s) in one’s life are what give us the courage to live. Its really quite easy to die; living is much harder…

    Ya Ahmed if this fight, however you chose to fight it with, is a purpose in your life no one can take it away, polish it for you, or has the right to critize you for it.

    One is the sum of all our parts- this part is your’s- so take it with arms wide open- at the end of the tunnel, as the song would say “your are never as far in as you’ll ever be out”…

  9. Poem: Cry of the Oppressed


    Forced or is there a choice

    The food I forego is not a sacrifice
    It is not but as the earth is to the Universe
    Only minuteness in a vast sea of space and time

    Shall I be made to suffer forever?
    A question I would secretly ask myself over and over again.

    Instead scoffed at for wanting more

    Should I not be content with my lot?
    Should I not be content with the simplest of restrictions that a caged bird could never flee?
    Should I not be content with all the pain and misery?


    Nay, have we not told you repeatedly
    You desires are nothing but a barren tree.
    You shall not receive the rays of the warm sun to penetrate thee;
    You shall not feel the drops of rain as they gracefully fall from the heavens on thee;

    You see we have thought this up well a long time ago…you are my servant and nothing to me.
    Your desires “hah” how dare you want?

    Are you not thankful for what Allah has given to thee from above? Such ingrates have no other fate but burn in hell…But my servant if you pray real hard I promise thee…

    Surely Allah forgives your outright blasphemy. Wants and desires are sinful…you we brought here for nothing else but serve thy master unquestionably.

    SO please remember we will bind thee into silence and ultimately lock you up and throw away the key

    We deceive the best of deceptors because you see..We truly believe that We are Almighty In DEED !!!

    Destruction is on the way and so the whole world will come to see…


    And all of this for nothing more than your Selfish Creed and Selfish Greed?

    God will provide a way out of this hell you have made…I only pray that it won’t bring about more misery…

  10. I think you are doing a good thing, Ahmed.

    People tend to forget to easily, and sometimes drastic measures, such as a brief hunger strike, are necessary. Change does not come easily.

  11. Ahmed, all the best of luck with your efforts! Trust me, all the Obama supporters have this on their list; to close down guantanamo, it’s a disgrace (and of course, upon closing not just practice extraordinary rendition either!)

    I will post on this today..
    check out Enigma’s site as she receives a lot of traffic and go ahead and promote your cause..


  12. “What about 75 Saudis detained in Guantánamo Bay? They don’t deserve to be supported?”

    why don’t your king abdullah do something about it, oh i forgot hes best pals with Dubya

  13. you could tell, I was listening to my kids with one ear and reading with ‘one eye’.. I did not read it properly and thought you were fasting for the saudi detainees at the popular saying goes, “my bad!”
    That’s pretty courageous nevertheless Ahmed..I will still post about this..



  14. Even though I chose not to join you in the hunger strike, I’m very impressed by the way you put it in that posting.

  15. S asked “What about 75 Saudis detained in Guantánamo Bay? They don’t deserve to be supported?”

    Go support them. WHo is stopping you. Go for it!

    If you want to start an online campaign for them, by all means God for it!

    The Saudi government is working hard for them already…Trust Me!!!

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