Lebanon is Sinking

As much as I admire Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as a person and respect the achievements that he has led the Lebanese resistance to achieve over the years, I find myself quite displeased with the situation that he and his allies have created in Lebanon during the past few weeks.

Hizbollah have accepted to become a part of the government. No one prevented them from that, and no one forced them into it. They have a demand (a national unity government), and they have the right to put it on the table to be discussed. If consensus is reached via dialogue that’s good, if not there should be a vote to resolve the issue. Whatever result the vote yields, everyone should adhere to it.

When the majority refused to answer Hizbollah’s calls, the latter have decided to withdraw from the government. After withdrawing they said the government is not constitutional because it doesn’t represent all the Lebanese people. This is ridiculous because they have withdrawn at their own will; it is not as if someone has kicked them out of the government.

They have the right to demonstrate, and it is the government’s duty to protect their right to demonstrate. However, accusing everyone else of disloyalty and treason is unacceptable, and it won’t get them anywhere.

I could talk endlessly about the situation in Lebanon and how wrong and absurd it is. And the words above are no political analysis as I’m not an expert on this topic, and I could be mistaken but at least this is how I see it. Now let me come how I feel about it: I feel bad, really bad. Because I have always looked up to Lebanon as a role model for other Arab countries when it comes to freedom, democracy and diversity. Today all I can see is a country sinking in a deep dark sea of wars, conflicts and selfish interests.

I know for sure that Lebanese people would rise this country from the ashes, as they always do, but let us not forget how many souls were lost and how much time has gone and will never comeback.

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  1. I agree with everything you say. It seemed miraculous the way Lebanon bounced back after the civil war.

    To see all the feuds and killings starting up again is terrible.

  2. HI Ahmed,
    I am disappointed by Hassan Nassrallah right now. After all the support he got from the lebanese people during the last war with Israel he trund an ugly face to them! I don’t know but he seems that he wants to start a civil war again in lebanon, maybe because he has the strongest forces right now in lebanon. Anyway if the civil war start no one will win!

  3. “Disaster”. Hasan Nassrallah was protecting his country, and fighting against the people who are now trying to distroy the Muslim nations. What is happening in Palestine, is that not a disaster.

    Nassrallah won the battle from the Israilies by kicking them out of the country. Mr. Bush previously claimed that Israieli forces will take over the country with in 10 days. NOw Tell me? Who have the guts to battle against the biggest nuclear power in the world. It was only Nasrullah who took steps and succeeded. We should admire him. and its a shame for all other Muslim who are either lackeys or they never won the anything accept distruction from America.

    No matter What he is? He has proved himself. Now, as the American and Israilis were sent back, they played another trick to polt a civil war in the country, between the Christians, Shia’as and Sunnis. This is terrible, beleive me my brothers it is a game plan by the Bush Administration.

  4. Umair: Could you point me to a citation for your claim that “Bush previously claimed that Israieli forces will take over the country with in 10 days”? I somehow missed that.

    I’d also appreciate some evidence that the US planned a new civil war in Lebanon. Something beyond, “Well, it’s obvious!”

    So many conspiracy theories start out with “Well, it’s obvious!” that I rather tend to doubt them.

  5. Nasrallah famously said his advantage over the Israelis was that he loved death while they loved life. It’s hard to think of a more concisely evil mission statement than that. He did indeed bring death to Lebanon. Are you loving it like Nasrallah?

  6. The “confessional system” in Lebanon now is a farce and that is directly leading to the problem there.

    There needs to be representation votes and governance there. They idea that certain government posts are reserved for people based on nothing more than their religion is just plain insane.

    Nasrallah leads the party that represents the largest community in Lebanon, yet because of sectarian politics, the votes and the influence of the Shi’a in Lebanon are much reduced, and the population of Christians are over represented.

    Time for one person, one vote. Time for a government in Lebanon based solely upon the votes of the people, not a scam rigged system that promotes sectarian divisions.

    As long as the “democracy” there is based on outdated sectarian notions, the system will be a failure.

  7. How could you POSSIBLY admire Nasrallah, a man who called for the ellimination of all Jewry worldwide (source), and started the recent Lebanese war?

    This is a quote of Nasrallah: “If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

    I normally think you are a reasonable person. Admiring Nasrallah is flat out insane.

  8. This is all the begining of a “Shia” country called “Lebanon”. I know Hizboallah talked alot about having Sunnies, and no discremination between Sunnies and Shia, thats all a LIE.

    Iran is Shia, Iraq is becoming one soon “With the help of the US”, and finally the plan is Lebanon.

    I even believe that the war against Israel is part of gaining reputation to take over Lebanon.

  9. Well John (BBC World News: Broadcast) towards the end of the war in lebanon, Bush him self claimed that Israel will conquer Lebonon in 10 days, following that they also showed, how the trend of Israeli military forces were moving up. Every day there were moving at a very fast rate (said) to be crushing Hisbullah, but unfortuneately the situation got out of hand, for the Israelis.

    Mr. Tantor Think about your famouly said quote for a moment again. ((Ironic))

  10. Can anyone over here explain; What is a Mutawa in Saudi Arabia? And what is the difference between a Modern Mutawa and Traditional Mutawa?

  11. to xmas,

    Mutawa is people who do the Best-est to follow Islam and not willing to ignore it, or some rules, to satisfy others.

    Modren Vs. Not Modren:
    you can say close minded and open minded.

  12. Muttawas I think are the most Islamic people. A modern muttawa is someone who knows how to judge people in the way the Prophet used to do. They know how to trackle problems of modern era.

    Traditional mutawas are those who go after people to cover themselves up with veil, allows no human rights to people except for their selves. They call on people to pray, but they themselves do not pray. This is what is my image of A Traditional Mutawa. They Islamic Extremists who have distroyed the image of Islam, by doing several wrong doing.

    Mutawaas are people who are pious and help people underdtand Islam but they do not force them to do some thing (this is according to our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

    I appreciate “Modern Muttawa” who have stated that traditional muttawas are close minded and modern are open minded.


  13. “As much as I admire Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as a person and respect the achievements…”
    What an absurd thing to say!
    The man brought HELL down on the heads of the Lebanese people. For what gain, to abduct an Israeli?
    Do we not realize that if pushed hard enough, the Israelis could burn the ground under our feet.
    The world pays us lip service when it suits their purposes, but they hate and fear us. These stupid hateful attacks like kidnappings and bombings of innocents worldwide, which we applaud, make us look like savages. Why make enemies to no profit, no point?

  14. “Nassrallah won the battle from the Israilies by kicking them out of the country. Mr. Bush previously claimed that Israieli forces will take over the country with in 10 days.”
    1- Israelis only went into Lebanon because Nassrallah invited them by his stupidity in attacking them on their own soil.
    2.- Bush never made that 10 day comment.
    3- When we choose to believe our own lies, we play into the hands of those who oppress us.

  15. A couple of details. 1. Nasrallah didn’t kick the Israelis out of Lebanon. He hid behind the Americans and the UN. 2. As ba result of N’s “great victory,” he can no longer attack Israel, and the Lebanese Army is in S. Lebanon, which it wasn’t before. What was that someone said about a vicotry?

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