Saudis Guys Don’t Enjoy Art?

I can explain: too many exams, too little time. But I’m not dead, I just don’t have time for blogging, or anything else for that matter. You have no idea what kind of an overwhelming stress and pressure pharmacy students have to go through.

I wanted to go to Hewar Gallery after reading about it on MagicKingdom‘s blog, and thank God I had the chance to do it last night on its last day. But I have to say I was quite uncomfortable with the way we were received over there. Apparently one of the organizers could not believe that two young men were actually interested in art, and not in chasing girls who might be there at the same time. He had to escort us to the 52nd floor and keep an eye on us while we were watching the paintings at the gallery. When we were leaving, he apologetically said he had to do it due to the strict instructions of security at the Kingdom Tower. Whatever. I also wanted to go to The Legacy of King Saud exhibit at the National Museum but could not do it. Maybe when I get back from Eid break.

Anyways, more blogging later this week. I will be leaving Riyadh on Monday, heading to Dhahran where I’m invited to a Christmas party, and then going home to Al-Ahssa to see my family and friends and spend Eid with them. Happy holidays everyone.

12 thoughts on “Saudis Guys Don’t Enjoy Art?

  1. I do agree with (Saudi Jeans) that Saudi guys do not enjoy art, but to an extent. I think the Saudi guys are not given a chance to explore art. There is not enough freedom in Saudi Arabia to explore art, or get to understand art. I study in Al-yamamah University. They were going through the cultural week with, first drama and play in Saudi Arabia’s Histroy in Al-yamamah College. But People from outside came and distroyed the whole scene after clashing with the artist (students) on the stage.

    They also had some gallaries for art and paintings from old traditions of Saudi Arabia. But some people just do not like this change in Saudi Arabia. Who are these people, who distroyed the stage show. They are called to be the Islamic extremist but or “Traditional Mutawwa”. But in my opinion they are not even Muslims. According to the Prophet (p.b.u.h) you cannot force any one to accept Islam. You cannot go on killing them or fighting them, in order to stop them doing some thing.

    These people came to our college with weapons and started making fun of the Dean, intially by clapping and making noises. Then they came over the stage and started beating up the students and some of the teachers. There were around 35 of these people.

    Finally in the end there were 40 police car outside Al-Yamamah. 17 men were arrested and unfortunately 2 students were battered by these people and were taken to hospital.

    These people are called Islamic people of Saudi Arabia! From which view they are presenting Islam? Is this the way (beating people) to spread Islam or convey a message.

    This is why art cannot be promoted in Saudi Arabia. You cannot simply say that we (Saudi Teenagers go around streets after girls). Saudi Arabia (Mashallah) have made a lot of progress in changing things over here from the past 10 year. I hope it will change. There will be freedom (Im not say freedom in terms of un Islamic Manner) But beating people, and not promoting things like art in the country, saying that paintings are “Haraam” Prohabited in Islam, and forcing people to pray instead of giving them knowledge about Islam to higher their faiths, are things which have to change Here specially in Riyadh. Hope more and more people become educated and modern motawwas.


  2. Dear Saudi Jeans,
    Im really sorry I started my own story and contradicted some of your views. But we do not have any place to express our selves. These are some of the really serious matters? which have to be solved. Saudi Arabia have to change from the old traditions.

    It is right that this country have the two holy mosques, but this does not mean, that we have no freedom for us MUSLIMS. (Im not saying freesom in sense of having bars, frredom for girls but to the extent of education. Art)

    There are so many things which I want to say about this society should change. This is modern world. Modern era. This not Pagan eera. People are brainwashed against other people here, so that they hate them. These people hate western people? I mean do they have any sense? Whats wrong with them?


  3. @teenager

    Actually, the play in Al-yamamah University isn’t the “first drama and play in Saudi Arabia’s History”. There are always plays in schools and collages in Saudi Arabia, including KSU and Imam University.

    Not that I agree what what happened, the play was discussing a somewhat controversial issue in this society, hence the troubles the play faced. Don’t expect to be completely safe when you play with fire.

    In addition, there have always been art related events held in so many places in Saudi Arabia, like schools and malls. They had a public art gallery in a mall in Riyadh a few years back. Some schools hold annual art festivals to show students’ work. Don’t forget that all public schools in Saudi Arabia have mandatory art classes.

  4. Whether Saudis enjoy art or don’t that really doesn’t matter. You can live your full potential life without knowing “squat” about art. Please don’t go on with art has a messsage, no it doesn’t. What could possibly be taught through a play that an averaged-IQ adult doesn’t already know. Now I think anyone should admit that art is just for leisure/pleasure. Since we have established the pleasure ” thingie” , what could be more pleasurous to audiance than EVE.

    I can’t deny that I “unfortunately” embody pop culture, but at least I know better than justifying it.

    I can’t stress enough on what void said above “how lame”

  5. TO Void

    The incident that happened at Yamamah showed how people or so called Muslims would go for other Muslims lives, if they do not like any thing. The would beat them up with weapons and arms. THat means if we are some one is playing with fire (in other words trying to develop the nations young population by taking the negitives out) than he is going to be battered becuse of some traditional or close minded people like you. This is how you are representing Islam.

    About the play as I said it was the first play in Saudi Arabia which was held in a private sector publically. Imam and PSU are public sector univeristies. No one can touch them. (WASSTAA). And plays are also a part of my compounds and schools in riyadh which is obvious (but are not for public).

    I hope when they were beaten up in defense by students at Yamamah, they must have learnt a lesson. Please come again if so you want to learn more. Its a shame how they will teach us Islam. Correct your selves first. then go for others.

    I hope people get educated here.

  6. Stop propagating about Islam! Go read the real books which teaches you how to behave. Quraan is not enough, you have to follow the Prophet (P.B.U.H) sayings or (Hadeeth). Its a shame for the whole ummah (Muslim World) THESE people call your selves Muslims, and tell others to follow them.

    Lahullah walla quwata illah billah

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