I Left My Heart in Jeddah

In my last post I said “hopefully more from Jeddah,” but unfortunately there was not any. The place I was staying in did not has DSL and working on dial-up has become unbearable to me a long time ago. Most of the places I visited had WiFi but while there I preferred to talk with the great people I met instead of playing with my laptop. I’m writing this from the comfort of my house in Ahsa, and let me just say that I really enjoyed these six days I spent in Jeddah.

But first of all, I want to thank my uncle and his lovely wife for their generosity and hospitality. My uncle has welcomed me in his house, and his wife has overwhelmed me with her kindness that I truly felt I was home, and enjoyed all the delicious meals that I was craving over the past month or so. I know I was such a burden, but they were really good to me, and I really appreciate that. I also want to thank my Jeddawi buddy Mohammed Abu Al-Faraj, who was nice enough to show me around the city, and even invite me to have breakfast at his house.

Since it is Ramadhan, there was not much to do during the day, but I managed to enjoy a shopping spree on my third day, and a walk by Hamra Courniche with my little cousins a few days later. On the contrary, most of the nights were eventful: I had the pleasure to meet some Jeddawi bloggers; many of those I have been following for a long time, and meeting them in reality was such a joy.

Jeddah is probably not as polished and huge as Riyadh, but it is such a beautiful city, a description that does not exactly apply to our capital. It is much more relaxed and much more friendly, and it welcomes its visitors very warmly and passionately. There is so much to say about this trip, not just about what I have done or seen, but more about what I have discovered about myself, and about the people I met and the time we spent together. Again, hopefully more details would come later in future posts.

16 thoughts on “I Left My Heart in Jeddah

  1. Welcome back!

    I felt the same way too man when I left Jeddah. Jeddah is one of the most beautiful cities in Gulf. I really love the city because people are so nice. They are so lovely. Jeddah has a potential to be one of the tourism hub of Saudi Arabia. I am an expat and I never feel that I was discriminated nor insulted when I came to Jeddah, this city is a multicultural city and they do respect people.

    Well man, nice to hear that you enjoy your stay at Jeddah. We still wait on the photo to be posted.


  2. I think it’s definitely not as polished as Riyadh but that makes it less sterile as well. Jeddah seems to have a bit more character to it, and a bit more life, from what I’ve seen so far.

  3. Jeddah bijad gheer!
    I Love Jeddah, it is a very nice city, hospitable and attractive.

    Whoever visits Jeddah one time would always want to come back.
    It has its secret and it captures ur heart.

  4. hey guys does anyone know how can i get a visa for jeddah , its really hard to get from dhaka banlgadesh.. and ii dont hav anyone dere who can send me an invitation.. how can i get a tourist visa or a permit to enter jedda?

  5. I miss Jeddah very much….like you I must have left my heart in Jeddah. I wish I could have another opportunity to work there. Jeddah is such a lovely city.

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  6. I work before in Jeddah at Al Salama Hospital and Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital since 1989 up to 2001 as medical secretary or ward clerk. I decided to stay here in philippines for family reason. I miss Jeddah so much hope I could have another opportunity to work again in Jeddah.

  7. i think I do feel the same way too. I was given a chance to spend my summer vacation in Jeddah last April until June and when I got back here in my own country I really felt bad. I never thought I’d enjoy there that much, especially shopping coz it’s a lot cheaper. ;) even though I had a hard time leaving the house since as what they say it’s kind of “unsafe” since Im a girl, still it didnt spoil my fun. but the saddest part was that I wasnt able to even ask for the name of this one guy I saw in domino’s, as in I was really struck by him and not being able to get to know him made me really sad. if only I can see him again. lol oh well, nice blog. :) keep it up

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