I’m coming to Jeddah (woohoo!), staying for a few days to relax and meet some people. Getting a ticket in this time was really difficult, especially that I did not consider this trip until last week. Can you believe there was not a single empty seat on any of our national carrier’s planes for the next two weeks? Anyhow, it was worth trying, and I was lucky to get a ticket. Any recommendations for places I should go, or stuff I should do while I’m there are highly appreciated, and hopefully more from Jeddah later.

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  1. welcome back,

    It would be great if you write about Jeddah, ’cause we don’t much about “How to have fun” in Saudi Arabia, and what the entertainment places are :)

    though I was raised in Kuwait (very close, ha?), but I really don’t know anything about Saudi Arabia, except the borders!

  2. Salams

    When you go to Jeddah, please find the grave of Eve, Hawwa and recite surat fateha. Also please post a picture of it if you can.


    Mahmood Kara
    Toronto, Canada

  3. Welcome to Jeddah….

    I’m not sure how long you are staying but I’m sure that most of the Jeddah bloggers would like to meet you.

    As for places, I can’t tell your type but if you are not a smoking type of persone, I recommend Andalusiah Cafe in Prince Sultan Street, check this out.
    As any other visitor to Jeddah, you have to visit Al-Tahliah St. Were you will be shocked by what people really do in here.
    Make sure you visit Al-Kornich before maghreb, it is very romantic and relaxing.

    Good luck and have a nice trip

  4. Hey!
    welcome to Jeddah!.. u can check out my blog for nice restaurants.. :P the most popular place in Ramadan has been (For ages) Al-Nakheel, an outdoors place with sheesha and lebanese food. enjoy ur stay!

  5. You should definetely visit the Jedda waterfront to take pictures with those strange oversized furniture and other open air art.
    I have never been there, only seen some pictures of it in a magazine, and knowing how brotherly kingdom of Banu Saud feels about art exhibitions, you may never see such thing again – so take opportunity!

  6. Have fun in Jeddah. I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on. We’ve been here for a few weeks and haven’t been getting about much so it would be good to find out what there is to do.

  7. Welcome to Jeddah Ahmed,
    Don’t forget to explore old Jeddah (whatever is left intact). It is quite busy there, especially at this time of the year, but it is nice to check out the unique architecture of the old house. And off course, al kornaish is a must, especially before maghrib. Hope you have a spectacular time.

  8. For a boy from east region, i didn’t find it different from my home, the same humidity :).

    But i had fun there, shoping is a great thing. There are some interesting games in AL-Sayrafi Mall. Coffee shops on the sea are great if you like setting or smoking hooka.

    People are more open-minded, funny and respectful.

    You will have fun sure.

  9. I just have one request, take me with you :-( OH and give Fouad Al-Farhan and the gang a nice big wet one from all of us bloggers (and ex- bloggers) here in Rio.

    Have fun!

    ps: me misses you, where have you been?

  10. Found your blog from a BBC article… The Persian blog phenomenon is relatively well known in the US (as much as we Americans ever know about the outside world), but i was pleased and delighted to see an article on Saudi bloggers. i’m adding you to my blogroll of regular people to read around the world; it’s nice to get a perspective outside of what the laconic US media feeds us. Ramadan mubarrak in the last few days of the month!

  11. found ur blog site on a bbc article..currently in ottawa, canada and hving lived in Saudi Arabia for 17yrs, i was interested in this blogspot…

    well i guess u can always spend time along the jeddah corniche…i recently visited jeddah after 10yrs and i found the corniche to be a beautiful place….definitely worth checkin it out

  12. Speak out against discrimination and segregation of women in a religious conservative society!

    Your blog is on BBC, btw!

  13. Hi – have fun! I read about your blog on bbc news. I live in the US but I am a Chinese girl from Hong Kong. Just want to say “hi” and tell you I had fun reading your blog and learn about your Saudi Arabia. – L

  14. Hi,

    Nice to hear that there is a saudis who were open minded and willing to leberate there country.

    I have a lot of friend from jeddah (Saudi) and they are really good. You might say that Jeddah is not part of Saudi Arabia cause they are totally amazing people. Hope that riyadh will be same….

    Hope that you enjoy your stay at jeddah.

    Pls. post a photo of your trip from jeddah.

  15. Hi,

    Could you pls. open a Topic which contain How Saudi manage thier life in a close culture.

    We want to know if how you guys leave.

    We hear oly few thing from you. What the worl know’s is that Saudi are “RUDE” Not as General, I know that there is GOOD SAUDI GUYS outthere.


  16. i also read about your blog on the bbc.
    its amazing that the world is getting so small that we can all talk to each other without spending tons of money getting on planes.
    I loved your September 23 post where you talked about your dreams, and i agree with you that the ideas and dialog happening in coffee shops, and on the Internet can create change… maybe those who disagree are having a failure of imagination!
    take care!
    keep dreaming!

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