One of the best coffees Starbucks offer is called …

One of the best coffees Starbucks offer is called the “short cappuccino.” It’s smaller, cheaper and better than the smallest size on the menu, the “tall.” However, Starbucks don’t advertise this drink. It doesn’t even appear in the menu. So, what’s the story? Why would they hide one of their best offerings? They claim that’s because they don’t have room on the menu board, but that may not be true: maybe they hide it because it’s good and cheap, and they don’t want you to buy it, in order to buy something more expensive. The BBC says this is a part of an attempt to aim different prices at different types of customer. I don’t drink coffee, but if you ever go to Starbucks ask for it, and let me know what you think. via dv

10 thoughts on “One of the best coffees Starbucks offer is called …

  1. they just wanna steal our money
    typical jews
    money is their god
    we must stop buying their coffee
    coz it’s owner is a large supporter to the bloody criminal state of israel
    god burn israel
    god dam’n Starbucks

  2. the maker & administrator of it is a jew
    it’s the same as long they support the israeli criminal army
    god burn israel

  3. No extra marks for guessing; good things always have to come in small packets.

    And since Starbucks is a public company they have the public’s interest at heart : what is good is actually, bad for you which is why they don’t like advertising their cappuccino shorts.:)

  4. I thought we were suppose to boycott starbucks. Not encourage people to buy them. The fact that their CEO, Howard Shultz supports the Zionist regime and funds them gives enough reason to start. Half and hour of Googling his name can easily confirm that. This isn’t about being racist or anti-semitic. This is about justice. My heart bleeds everytime I pass by a Starbucks coffee shop and see ‘shababs’ enjoying their frappocino or whatever you call it.

  5. I am not jewish or muslim, but as coffee drinker, I can tell you what starbucks sell don’t deserve the name coffe.

  6. Starbucks Sux !! Its anything but coffee. It’s all an image thing, and for those who only have Starbucks, they haven’t tried what real coffee is suppose to taste like.

    Nascafe 4 life :)

  7. Maybe, they don’t want you to taste ‘cappuccino shorts’ because then you would realize they were taking the mickey out of the art of coffee making, which I gather is on a totally different plane to the hocus pocus art of coffee cup – fortune telling.

  8. In a free market economy, the consumers make the choice. If the product or service is bad, the business eventually will fail. Whoever can brew a better cup of Joe will win over the customers. Starbucks is not just selling coffee. It’s an entire marketing package representating a ‘culture’, for a lack of better terms. As a business, it’ll always attempt to steer the consumers to the items which will potentially give them the highest profit margin. BTW, I am not a coffee drinker :o)

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