This is my new business card. I know it doesn’t ex…

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comFree Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comThis is my new business card. I know it doesn’t exactly say business, because, well, I don’t do business as usual :-) It is more of a blogging card, as it only contains the URL of my blog plus my email. This is the second time I design a card for myself. I’m no designer, and my favorite graphics app is PSP, but I simply can’t find a designer here that would do the job for me in a reasonable price. I used to have my mobile phone number on the old cards, but this time I decided to leave some empty space on the card and only write down my number to people that I would actually want to contact with via phone.

The cartoon on the back is by the one and only Hugh MacLeod. His cartoons are very popular among bloggers, and he offers these cartoons for free under a creative commons license.

6 thoughts on “This is my new business card. I know it doesn’t ex…

  1. Hi Ahmed,

    Good idea :)

    are we going to see a new cards in the near tuture called “Blog’s card” ??

    maybe , who knows :)

  2. Cool…but don’t you think with you’re name out there you will have to be careful with what you wrights?
    Isn’t being anonymous to the society is better.
    And what the hell with that drawing in the back ?? lol first why is un Saudi artist talks about female voting? Second what do you mean with it??Ha???What what WHAT??

  3. I started making those ‘blogisness’ (what I call them although it doesn’t sound right) cards long time ago and have a couple left in store. It’s a good idea…

  4. This is another story, but next time a need a design job I will make sure to contact you.

    They have been blocking the sub-domain that hosts images on Blogger for a very long time, and it doesn’t seem that they will unblock it soon.

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