I’ve been reading lately, and this book was one o…

I’ve been reading lately, and this book was one of these that I really enjoyed. I wrote about it over at my Arabic blog; check it out if you were interested.

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  1. i guess i just want to say, i’m watching Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interestingly now. after the great lies we’re witnessing, the wars, the 2 warring parties claiming the same thing the same win, great earthquakes happening a lot — i just realised. Mahmoud Ahmadineja’s name is similar to Muhammad. he also have the large forhead.

    i guess if his blog is in english i’d read it.

  2. i would be interested to know more about the books. What is theme of it? Do you think it takes a balanced look at the human rights issues in Iran.


  3. The author actually criticizes the Iranian government very harshly when it comes to human rights issues. As you probably know, she was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts as a lawyer in the field of women’s, children’s, and human rights. The book is good and has some really touchy moments inside it.

  4. that’s great, I’m interested on anything that would describe life Iran occurately. I heard an interview with her and she sounded reasonable. Thanks mate.

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