"It’s also getting back at men, God knows how much…

“It’s also getting back at men, God knows how much they get on our nerves so what’s wrong with rattling theirs? We don’t steal but, yes, we manipulate them to get ourselves a good bargain. Sometimes it only takes a bit of smiling, a bit of softening the voice or a bit of leaning over across the counter. It’s harmless,” a 24-year-old girl, who doesn’t mind using her goodies to get something she wants, told Arab News. Way to go, girl! Manipulate us!

8 thoughts on “"It’s also getting back at men, God knows how much…

  1. I’m still laughing 15 minutes after reading that article! I’m loving that this stuff is more out in the open now.

  2. this is sooo true…and some shops, like Mango, deliberately hire young, good looking guys to attract the female customers. I would accompany my sister to Mango when it opened up in Hera Mall in Jeddah, and i would see with my own eyes what these young women in abayas would be doing with the guys at the cashiers: flirting, exhanging numbers and making the guys nervous!


  3. ummm.. if anybody even want to remember – the All Seeing God exist & is watching & recording. anybody.

    and you all arabic speakers. you understand the Quran in one breath. if you’re sad that I once don’t understand what I read, well you can call me whatever. coz I’m like the rest of the non Arabic speaking citizens, I had to go through extra translations. & finishing the Quran in Ramadhan.. ha ha… I barely even finish it in a year. I read one sentence like I’m stunting.

    so you already have a head start. so why are you commending this? anyway, i’m not an extremist if anybody wants to put that label on me. :P

  4. imagine the Virgin Mary doing that. or our own mother. what a trauma! i think i have an okay moral gauge — if i can’t imagine my grandmas doing it, i’d think it’s yucky.

  5. It’s a total collapse of moral values in Saudi Arabia, and the sad thing like nisa wrote, you have people cheering this on, and even encouraging it. Then you got some Saudi bloggers, females, and males, where their whole world revolves around sex, and the opposite sex, and the main reason for their blog page is to score with the opposite sex.

  6. Complain about women’s immoral behaviour one day – then go over to Bahrain, get drunk and go to prostitutes the next one. Sorry, no disrespect, but I have to say that the hypocrisy of some parts of the Saudi society is appalling.

  7. last anon, I am so fucking sick of hearing that excuse, it’s as if all saudies lead two lives, think of something orignial next time.

  8. This is haram, and if your Muslim you should be ashamed of this. Imagine if someone did this with your sister, or mother. Wallahi Haram!

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