Meanwhile in Dubai, pink taxis will be deployed at…

Meanwhile in Dubai, pink taxis will be deployed at places frequently visited by women, to provide a “women-only” taxi service. The taxis will have pink roofs, pink seats and interiors, and other features to give the vehicles a feminine touch. The taxis would be easily identifiable on roads and would only stop for female passengers. Taxis with female drivers currently only operate at Dubai International Airport to ferry female passengers and families. The service proved very popular that the city decided to expand it.

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Dubai, pink taxis will be deployed at…

  1. Even though I hate pink, I wish we had something like this in Egypt. As liberal as I am, I would give up an arm not to be harassed by male cab drivers.

  2. whats this pink business…one, its a negative stereotype that women like pink, why not red, or purple..and two, is Dubai following the steps of Legally Blonde character Elle..what next…brown taxis for people from sub cons, or silver taxis for white people?

  3. ok obviously painting them pink is as subtle as a sledge hammer, but hey if it works it works, plus I highly doubt the color is the core of the issue here.

  4. I think the real issus is that the women dont feel safe travelling in the regular taxis, which is driven by sex-starved men…tahts the real issue.

  5. *amused at the choice of pink*

    *realizes it’s not the point*

    I’m so happy to hear this.. and no.. this is not the Middle Ages, it’s just that it’s not logical or safe for a girl to get in a car witha man she doesn’t know late at night or for long distances.. plus, lady cab drivers are much more interesting to talk to :)

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