Abu Aardvark has an interesting post on Arab polit…

Abu Aardvark has an interesting post on Arab political blogs. He says there isn’t an Arab blogophere; instead, there several Arab blogospheres. Does it really matter? I mean when was the last time when Arabs formed one entity? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pan-Arabism, but in a medium like blogging I think individuality is more important.

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  1. why one entity?

    there’s no problem in having something common, but categorizing the whole arab to be one class will put some constraints in the writing style.

    My word is: diversity is healthier.

    I have my own writing style. I’m not escaping from reality constraints to face another in the internet. Also, this will not make critical problems upon personal reactions.

    Thank you for this intimation.

  2. I agree. The Arab world is too diverse to confine us into a lump. The most important thing is to express our diverse individual opinions and share them with those who DO NOT agree with us. We’ve gotta learn to accept the views of others in order to unite, not adopt one dogma and ignore everything else there is out there to learn and benefit from.

  3. ya ahmad,

    it seems that you & your commenters didn’t get AA’s point.

    nobody talked about a homogeneous pan-arab blogosphere. there are a saudi, a kuwaiti, a lebanese, etc. blogosphere without anyone claiming that they are internally all the same.

    the saudi blogosphere is diverse and each writer is an individual blogger. you & i remember too well the o.c.s.a.b. issue …

    it IS interesting, though, that the blogospheres in the arab world are divided rather neatly along country-lines. there is not that much contact between them, and almost NONE when it comes to politics.

    AA just made an observation … so chill out everyone.



  4. I’m not exactly sure that there is NO contact between Arab bloggers, yes its small but it happens. I suppose it depends on what they’re blogging about really.

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