According to Havocscope, which is a disruption tra…

According to Havocscope, which is a disruption tracking service that captures the uncertainty of disruptions around the world, Saudi Arabia counterfeit US$ 10m worth of books. I wonder about the accuracy of this number. I’m no expert on this, but I know for sure that reading is not such a favorite pastime in this part of the world, and therefore I find this number hard to believe. (thx b)


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  1. Yeah, I dont think I would believe this either. During a Khutba sometime back the Khateeb said that more books had been translated into Greek last year, a nation of 11 million, than had been translated into Arabic, speakers of which number some 300 million.

    Sad numbers eh? That is a big sign of what is wrong with the Arabic speaking peoples. Once a people of learners and innovation, they now just dont have a clue as to what is happening around them.

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