The Saudi Gazette reports that Riyadh is finally t…

The Saudi Gazette reports that Riyadh is finally to get electric trams. There is not much to talk about here as we have been reading similar news for the past few months and the news item mentioned here doesn’t tell anything on when these trams will start working. Now the question is: how many Saudis are willing to use the new mass transit system? The public buses John writes about are mostly used by foreign workers, while Saudis prefer to drive their private cars and only use taxis when there is no other option. I, for one, am willing to use such system, especially for going to places such as football stadiums. I only hope it would be usable enough.

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  1. I suspect books obtained by literate expats could add up to $10m. It’s not like there’s a lot to do at night or on the weekends, right? How many expats do you see cruising the boulevards?

    I easily spent $300/mo. on books (non-counterfeit) while I was there. And I was certainly aware that pirated copies of books could be obtained both locally and from certain other countries.

  2. we need something like in jeddah too..the bus transport system is just plain horrible and totally unreliable..they dont even have working ac!


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