Slow Death

I read this post by Rayan earlier today, and it got me thinking: I still have two more years to go at KSU, and I can assure you that over the past four years I have had most of what he is talking about if not worse.

Just like him, I’m not the kind of guy who would suck up to anyone in order to get what he wants. After four years, I have learned that the grade you get is not necessarily associated with the effort you put: you can work as hard as you can for a whole semester and get a D, while your below-the-average classmate will get an A+ simply because he is a permanent guest in the teacher’s office. And no, he is not there to ask questions related to the curriculum, as he would shamelessly tell you later that he goes there solely to kiss the teacher’s ass.

Just like him, I went there to the wish of my father (rest his soul), but I don’t blame him. It is true he has put some pressure on me, but it was my decision after all even if it was highly influenced by him. I was young, I was stupid, and now I have to take the consequences of my decision. Now, all I want to do is to get my degree, and then go abroad to study something that I really want.

13 thoughts on “Slow Death

  1. really man i hate those ass-kissing ppl
    “oh teacher u know ure the best ever !!!!”
    damn them
    yeah they get the best grades but i & ppl like us keep there dignity
    and i happily say to all new students
    welcome to ksu god’s hell on earth

  2. Well what do you expect when you live under a dictatorship? In a system like this, someone will always have power over you and will surely abuse it.

    p.s get your masters in England :)

  3. the stupid thing in what you said that it started from very long time and no any real action happened from the top management in MOHE

    as what you said in KSU I heard it from my brother before 9 years while he in KAU and am still hearing it from friends now

    from my side I studied in KFUPM , frankly we don’t have this issue really we are mostly different

    we have very clear grading policy at the beginning of the semester to each course

    and the door of the chairman,deans and even the rector are opened to any student complains (with action)

    other recent student power , is the unofficial student discussion site , most of unqualified prof become afraid from announcement to everybody of his shame job that he might do

    the link


  4. Man of Freedom, the situation is quite different from one university to another. KSU students have their forums too, but it is too restricted that students are not allowed to criticize teachers.

  5. I feel ya bro…and this goes on everywhere. I had my bad experiences…and have been advised by many to swallow my pride and do as those suck-ups do.

    p.s. I second Jo’s advice…England

  6. “Ass Kissing” is a universal thing. Losers who suck up their way through life come in all different races, hair colors, and religions all over the globe :P

    Well… Aham shay enk sawait elee 3allaik :D

    The best thing is when you get the complete grade ’39bn 3an everyone because you completely earned it :D


  7. Jo and Sam, England is a highly considered destination :-)

    AhMeD, but it is so depressing when your best is not good enough, simply because you are not connected.

  8. In my very first lecture back in first year.. when the professor finished.. i saw a lot of students going and asking him stupid questions! some offering help and assitance if he needed any and such thing!

    i stood at the back of the lecturs hall and loudly said: PPL! PPL! it’s too early to suck up! there’s plenty of time to do that later! you don’t have to start from the very first day!

    needless to say.. i made enemies on my first day!

    oh well, thankfully, so far.. i didn’t need to suck up to anyone.. i think i’d rather fail than do such thing

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaah..brings back Bad memories.
    the best thing as ahmed said is (( when you get the complete grade ’39bn 3an everyone because you completely earned it ))
    in a college like mine -where every thing is very subjective, someone thinks u should get an A while someone else thinks u deserve nothing more than a D- u can use some survival skills ,it has nothing to do with ((kissing))
    u learn to ignore things,keep some of ur opinions or ALL of ur opinions to urself, and avoid confrontations…
    can be frustrating at times,but if u want to graduate u got to learn some skills of that kind
    the good news: when u have ur degree u’ll be ((upgraded)) ,u’ll be a colleague after being the suppressed student for years.
    time for Revenge!! ;)

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