Let’s face it. Despite what Philips may try to tell (or sell) you, life is not simple. We usually try to simplify it by generalizing and using stereotypes but that doesn’t always work. This has much to do with the fact that we human beings are very complex. We are not simple creatures folks. And this, I believe, where this kind of love/hate relationships come from.

1 – Riyadh
I love it because living in this city has given me opportunities I would never had if I stayed in my beloved hometown back in the EP, but I hate its hypocrisy, rudeness, sharp contrasts, restrictions and traffic jams.

2 – KSU
I love almost nothing about it except that some of my favorite intellectuals such as Khalid Al Dakhil, Hatoon Al Fassi and Matruk Al Faleh supposedly belong to this entity. I hate almost everything about it especially that these very same intellectuals are not allowed to teach here because someone thinks they will corrupt the minds of our youth.

3 – Relationships
I love them because they can provide you with a sense of security and peace that you can’t feel it on your own. I hate them because in a society like ours they are risky, shaky and so complicated you usually have little or no control over how they progress.

4 – Religious TV channels
I love watching them every now and then because they offer a form of entertainment rarely found anywhere else: laughing at something not intended to be funny. I hate them because in most cases they promote a very narrow-minded agenda that would actually hurt the religion they claim to represent.

5 – iPhone
I love the multi-touch large colorful screen, the amazing UI and immediate responsiveness, the SMS app, YouTube, etc. I hate the Apple lock that makes it hard to use for regular people without some hacking and geekery, no SMS forwarding, the inability to copy contacts from the SIM, and few other little things. But now that Apple have to offer the iPhone in France unlocked I hope most of these problems would be solved soon.

11 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. Sometimes I wonder, are you talking about the same Riyadh I live in?

    Because, Rio, to me, is roughly the best city in KSA in terms modernization, diversity, and intellectualness. No exaggeration, no offense to other cities(including my hometown).


  2. I wonder what you all think of Jeddah, because I personally think Jeddah is a better city than Riyadh, but then again, I have only passed through Riyadh so I can’t really compare!

    I like your list, and I am still dying to get hold off my iPhone, but a lot of people are complaining about it for now, so might wait for it.


  3. “laughing at something not intended to be funny.”
    Ahmad laughs becouse – I assume – most religious TV channeds e.g. Almajd, Arresalah, Iqra .. etc are saying things against Ahmad’s own belief – thus the laughter.
    Its like watching a Hindu person, worshiping a cow or whatever, and you’re laughting, simply couse it’s not what you believe, thus you think it’s funny.
    Idea clear ?

  4. Jill: you’re right, I’ve been going through some ups and downs lately, but don’t worry everything will be alright inshallah.

    Mansour: Jeddah might be the next stop in my journey. I’m considering seeking a job in Jeddah after I finish my studies.

    M. Happy: your assumption is not correct. Some religious channels, such as Al Anwar and Al Zahra, are supposedly saying things not against my beliefs, yet they still make me laugh because of the way they say them.

  5. i hate YOU
    i hate your stupied ideas and your strange witings

    i attended a course or two with u in college and i found that u are the one looking to sepratation
    based on people’s looks and i found U an immature lazy (gay) guy by the way u talk U
    and fuck U
    ksu is the best and i’m sorry for going to the same class u went to

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