I was offline for a couple of days for some reasons I will explain later, but when I tried to log on to my blog to read the comments this morning I found that it was blocked. Yes, ISU have blocked Saudi Jeans. I guess they wanted to answer my question when I asked: “who’s next?” Anyways, I will be out of town today, and I’m leaving now, so I will see what can I do when I comeback later. Meanwhile, please fill this unblocking request form. Thanks, I appreciate it.

20 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. i don’t think they’re so nutty, coz somehow, this blog does make even an arab loving person, start to think differently. sad but true. sorry.

  2. It’s sad that ISU would censor such a calm, reasoned voice like you. It just shows that all the talk about reform and moving forward in Saudi Arabia is not true.

  3. Their answer was to the point Ahmed!.

    Just a real prove to those who thought that the recent action of ISU block of couple of sites was reasonable and they supported it!. What is wrong with Saudi Jeans to be blocked?.

    Oh .. yeah ..
    U think .. while you shouldn’t !!
    U express yourself.. while you shouldn’t!!

  4. That is really sad. Luckily we in the UAE can still view your blog. I’m sure you’ll be unblocked soon. Its really unethical to block such a quality blog such as yours.

  5. i didnt think they would do something so drastic like this. you have been given enough coverage in the media, and they should support Saudi Jeans. thankfully i am in dubai so i can still view it. i sure hope they will unblock Saudi Jeans!


  6. I’am not for censorship or blocking Saudi Jeans’s blog. However, I have noticed that Saudi Jeans concentrates on the negative side of Sunni Muslims in Saudia. He never talks about the negative side of his own sect for a change. He never talks about the negative side of the Shia clergy for example. Or the struggle of women of the shia sect in his home twon of Qateef. Therefore, I can not say that he discusses Saudi issues in general. His Blog tells that his main goal seems to be exposing the ugly side of Sunni Islam in Saudia. It is very clear to anyone who reads his blog.


  7. how they are think?

    .. it’s the mirror of your life and opinions,, it’s strange that someone can blocked someone mind or life.

    Fatima , Bahrain

  8. This is seriously messed up… exactly what do they think they\’ll achieve by blocking this blog?!?! what will people suddenly stop using their brains… stop asking questions… my god people have gone seriously mad … i for one would love to know WHY they thought it necessary to block Ahmed… bloody idiots!!!

  9. now this is funny filling out unblocking papers
    thats a firsttimer for me
    r they gonna track us??
    i know funny but i must ask i never been there before da
    well lets just hope they unblock it for u

  10. Go Ahmed,

    Don’t let them turn you down, speak yourself freely.

    the majority of the saudi blogger soppurt you even the ones who might be in a disagreement with you.

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