ISU have blocked Wastedalwayz. The question: who’s…

ISU have blocked Wastedalwayz. The question: who’s next?

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  1. Actually bro, I knew it was coming for her some time sooner or later. Although freedom is a liberty, the guys at the ISU saw her blog as one no one will have sufficient reasoning to unblock. I’ve seen the stuff on that blog and it seems that she was edging the ISU to block her with each post she made; makes me believe she wants the same fame Saudi Eve got, although Saudi Eve didn’t do anything wrong.

    Then again, assumptions are assumptions.

  2. WTF! It was a pretty harmless blog!
    i loved it.. what’s wrong with these people?

    i say.. let’s see wastedalwayz2 ;)

  3. Anon: No matter what their reasoning, ISU can not by defended.

    Bassem: I can’t see how any blog can be harmful; and even if you think it is, you simply ignore it, you don’t go and block it.

    Mansur: You should ask ISU.

    Somah: No, MySpace is not blocked.

  4. But the MySpace profiles are blocked. Why? Don’t ask me, and don’t try to think of a good reason. These guys don’t know the word logic.

  5. Well, I had a quick look … the site is weak and hardly inflammatory. It is really bizarre that anybody could waste their time tracking it!

    If one wants to get banned, as Mr Anonymous suggested might have been a motivation, at least blog about something of substance!!! The blog is the wittering of a girl who has failed to exercise her brain since birth …

    ” thanx girls u r just too sweet ..i’m ok now .i’m a’s gonna take more than this to take me down ;”)”

    Thus, I cannot imagine that hundreds of bloggers and others will be battling for the “Wasted Alwayz” blog.

    Saudi Eve was a different story …

  6. No matter what kind of a blog it is ( and it’s a little silly and over the top ) YOU CAN”T BAN IT !! If we have been proclaimed adults why can’t we get the right to decide what we want ! Why does everyone around the world resort to decide for us what is good and bad!?!

  7. Yes, Sanchari, you are so right. And, the ALL CAPS makes things clearer too.

    So, the Danish Cartoons, Holocaust Denial, etc. are all OK????

    Have fun.

  8. dear ahmed,

    my question is – why haven’t other blogs been blocked yet?

    i am – obviously – not calling FOR a block, but am wondering what the situation is. when saudieve got blocked, the common wisdom crystalized around “well, she got blocked ’cause she wrote about sex and criticized ksa in arabic”, and other blogs (like jo & farah & others) who are/were even more critical were not blocked ’cause they write in english.

    well … the two wastedalwayz girls don’t write in arabic …

    so … what’s the theory? is the issue really only sex?

    i’m not too worried about those girls – i’ll give ’em a week or so & then they’ll have a new blog.



  9. ok the guys said alot about blocking her blog i’ll answer your quis ahmad really i think you’r next…….. god help us against them
    another thing

  10. Well I was pretty damn sure they will block wastedalwayz blog, I am quite surprised actually on how efficient they are , I mean it didnot take them couple of weeks and they blocked it, that is just quite impressive..

  11. saudi eve didn’t deserve it, but those two crossed the lined,,atleast in saudi law,, so don’t make it seem like it’s something out of the oridnary

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  15. What I do find surprisingly odd, is the fact that people actually lament the loss of this Blog. No Blog should be blocked, there are no buts about it. This blog was pretty much written by children (mentality) who found some oh so cool toys, not my type of Blog and yes they were hoping from the get go to get blocked ah well they got their wish… I cant honestly feel sorry for them. Still the whole blocking issue is pretty sad, if you don’t want to read a blog then don’t go to it no need to block, end of story.

  16. you know blog400.. danish cartoons , holocaust denial etc have no connection with this .. actually I think because we have freedom of speech we can raise our voice against the cartoons and the holocaust denial. Today they block a site in the name of morals, tomorrow they block a newspaper in the name of morals… and eventually they stop every medium of free speech in the name of morals. There are some righteous people who raised their voice against the ‘holocaust denial’ thing. what if tomorrow some absolutely normal statement by a popular person is made into an issue by a group of people saying it’s wrong. Maybe from their view point that is right. Who are we to decide what is right or wrong for the whole generation ? Let people decide for themselves. I don’t want either the orthodox people or the reformists to stop sharing their point of view.
    All I have to say is that banning is NOT the right way to do ANYTHING !

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