The Comittee to Protect Journalists have issued th…

The Comittee to Protect Journalists have issued their report on press freedoms in Saudi Arabia. The report concludes that Saudi Arabia has loosened press shackles, but religion and politics are still perilous topics. The report is worth reading, and if you feel like laughing then check out what Saleh Namlah, an official in the ministry of information has to say. “If children fight with each other, you say go to your room. To the writer you say please do not write. It’s a way of calming things,” he said. Can we understand from this that our respected ministry deals with writers and journalists as children? How about bloggers? Oh, they are just infants, you don’t need to worry about them.

3 thoughts on “The Comittee to Protect Journalists have issued th…

  1. Interesting report!
    Clearly this minister has no clue about the concept of freedom of speech and or press. If it shows anything, it shows how incompetent he is and how far he is detached from reality. It’s an awful shame.

  2. Good news and bad news I guess. That must mean that you will not be the main focus of scrutiny. Not to say you’re in the clear!
    Still, if you would have told me more than 10yrs ago you (as in, you Ahmed and others) would have been able to speak even as freely as you do online, I would not have believed it..hope hope is what we can have!
    ps, how’s the holidays? Are you going to go out of the Kingdom for a vacation as planned?

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