I was reading Asharq Al-Awsat this morning and fou…

I was reading Asharq Al-Awsat this morning and found a photo of yours truly on their media section, where they have a special feature on blogging from three countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt. Blogging in Saudi Arabia has been attracting a lot of mainstream media attention lately, but I have to say that this piece by Shaker Abu Talib is the worst coverage so far. Very poor reporting with a clear lack of focus. The reporter did not even bother to contact any of the bloggers, and instead he copied small parts of some old posts by the likes of Mashi 97 and Abu-Jouri. It is ironic how guys like Asharq Al-Awsat keep on talking about professionalism and absence of standards in blogging while they are not able to produce a small piece of decent reporting on a subject like this, where sources are easily available and can be reached with a click of a mouse.


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  1. let me tell you a story of a true incident. Al Mustaqbal newspaper published a press release for an exclusive event that took place in Jeddah and Riyadh for Waterman’s Limited Edition – Serenite Collection d’Art. Inspite of being provided all the information and captions for photos of the event, they managed to write exactly the opposite. This only shows that even the slightest drop of professionalism is non-existent at many of these local media houses. I believe that real journalism comes with passion and determination to find the truth and make a change.

    report by: SKiNC™

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