Khalid Al Dakhil has a good analysis for King Abd…

Khalid Al Dakhil has a good analysis for King Abdullah’s recent speech in which he called people to renounce ideological classification. He says:

diversity has been seen as a threat to the unity of the society. Saudi culture failed to recognise that diversity could be a sign of pluralism; a source of intellectual and cultural richness rather than a threat, and as a sign of society’s political and cultural strength. Who, then, is responsible for promoting and establishing such a fear of diversity? It could not be the society as a whole, but those classes whose interests are perceived threatened by it.

Al Dakhil remarks reminds me with something a friend told me a few days ago: “our diversity only makes us stronger,” and I believe it really does. (via xa)

4 thoughts on “Khalid Al Dakhil has a good analysis for King Abd…

  1. I don’t think plurality is considered a threat, I think that fundamentalists (trust me, plenty of them here in the US too), just have that innate need for control of conformity..their boundaries are tight and their (world)outlook is ‘just so’ and no one is allowed to operate outside of it. But I think the King was trying to frame it in a easy identifiable and agreeable manner..for tolerance in Saudi to succeed, I think that the religious police needs to have no business being in existence. They feed on the notion of conformity..their conformity anyway..

  2. I didn’t link to this friend because it’s been a while since I’ve seen her for the last time and I was kinda hoping this way I might be able to bring her back. In other words: where the hell have you been? ;-)

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