Discussion Panel on Diversity at KSU

What: Diversity in the Saudi Society
Who: Khalil al-Khalil and Abdullah Dahlan
When: Saturday, January 10, 2009. 10:30 AM
Where: Building No.7, Auditorium 7A
RSVP: Attending

In a conservative, conformist society like ours, diversity is not a popular term. Its opponents have always tried to make diversity look like a threat to national unity. That’s total bull, of course. Because our diversity only makes us stronger.

Hopefully this and other interesting ideas will be tackled in this discussion panel hosted by the Literary Club at KSU next Saturday. The speakers are Khalil al-Khalil and Abdullah Dahlan, both members of the dead Shoura Council. It is an open event and everyone is encouraged to come. The discussion panel will also be broadcast live to Khadija Bin Khuwailed auditorium in Olayisha campus for girls.

8 thoughts on “Discussion Panel on Diversity at KSU

  1. Hello SaudiJeans: Are you sure you want the “possibly related post” linked with this/your post. This guy is talking (1) against diversity and (2) about his love of the jews. I know these are randomly generated…but they’re linked from your site which could give some the mistaken impression that you support what’s being put out by this person.

    Just a thought. Have a Great Day!!

  2. It is indeed so disappointing that we saudis are still debating about such basic things in humanity. Before I travel to the USA I used to think in a very different way and I used to be against many things; therefore, I do not blame people over there. The government has to take people into light and teach them.

  3. That’s actually a reeally interesting topic… I’m impressed (relieved?) that some members of the Shoura are presenting on this…
    I wonder where they got their information from, since Saudi society is very rigid and different groups/classes usually keep to themselves…. That really should make for an interesting panel. Does anybody know if it will be on TV for those who dont live in Riyadh?

  4. Dear Linguist,

    To some degree, that’s true. However, it is the construct of our Constitution that while it upholds the framework of the Light, it cannot endorse one form of faith over the other. It can be humanistically benevolent, among other things, adhering to universal truths.

    That being said, every Congress is begun with an invocation. We’ve had many faiths, including Islam represented in its being administered.

    By the original origin of our founding, the United States is rather disinclined to let the government take us anywhere as far as our beliefs (religion). Although it can certainly put forth a “tone” . I think this may be why so many are hopeful of this upcoming administration. But we’re all participants in this experiment in a democratic republic, and all too often we neglect our own responsibility in guiding “her” to be the best she can be.

    We could use it. The connection to the global and enlightened origin of our creation. Not in the nationalist or isolationist sense, but in the best sense. Sometimes it seems we’re children running around with scissors.

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