Rants and Raves

I wrote the Fed Up post on a moment of depression, and to be honest with you, now I think that was too much negative feelings for one post. Of course, living in Saudi Arabia is not all rainbows and butterflies, but there is one thing you need to know and keep it on your mind: I love this country, and always will do. Studying and maybe working abroad for some time are favorite options to me, but no matter what happens, I want to spend the rest of my life here.

Probably some of you were right on that I need a break, but this is impossible now as I’m in the middle of a very important semester and my mid-terms start today. I’m really thinking about visiting Jordan on my short summer vacation. This is still uncertain, but if I had enough time and money by then I will do it for sure.

On the same topic, a friend emailed me after reading the post, advising me to try what he does when he feels down: go and spend some time with nature. Well, I like to go to the desert or the beach to get rid of the negative feelings and have some “me” time. The beach is not an option in Riyadh, and the problem with the desert is that I don’t know of any clean quiet area but in the same time not so remote from the city (I know of such place in Hassa that I go to every once in a while).

On a side note, I received a comment on some old post the other day, and as I always say, all comments are welcome. I have no problem with this comment, except that it is off-topic. I was talking about Shiites in Saudi Arabia and the commenter is unreasonably associating it with what happens in Iraq and the fact that discrimination is everywhere, which can be true but certainly not right. This is, btw, an approach that I’ve experienced with many people. Whenever we talk about Saudi Shiites, someone involves Iraq and/or Iran in the conversation. Probably I don’t understand politics, and probably there are stuff that I don’t know a thing about, but what I’m talking about here, and what I usually like to focus on, is an domestic issue. If we are serious about solving our problems, we have to admit them, and not to relate them to others. And that’s why I’m blogging.

Thank you all for your support and comments.

3 thoughts on “Rants and Raves

  1. One more good vibe coming your way. Everyone gets a little down and fed up sometimes. You love your home so much that you see its flaws and want to make it better. That is to be admired. Best of luck on your mid-terms!! I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore!

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