Two of my little brothers are coming over to visit…

Two of my little brothers are coming over to visit me here in Riyadh this weekend, and I don’t really know where to take them. I tried to find some info on the Riyadh City website, but it was useless. Any suggestions are appreciated: theme parks, malls, restaurants, etc. But please keep one thing on mind: I don’t want to take them somewhere that we can’t enter because it’s a “families’ day.” Thanks.

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  1. Actually, there’s more to do than one might think. My mom recently visit me and I had the same problem. The truth is that she ended up having a very full agenda and a wonderful holiday.

    Some suggestion:
    – Old diryah
    – Musmak fort
    – The national museum
    – The hipodrom (nice place to have lunch while watching the horse races)
    – The skyview from Kingdom tower
    – A ride in quadbikes in Thamama
    – A dinner in Spazio is always a nice experience
    – A stroll in the diplomatic quarter gardens

    I guess this should be more than enough for a week-end, but I’ll ask for a friend of mine the URL of a Riyadh website with many more attractions.

  2. hello there,

    I am thinking of working in riyad, and therefore was online googling for saudi blogs to get a feeling of how people are over there. I just came across your blog from google.

    I was wondering whether you could post an article about life in riyad. How do young people spend their days? Where do they hang out? I am guessing it’s a restrictive environment, and thus mixing with the other gender would not be allowed. How about in private? Can you have parties? Are there any clubs? oh, how’s your average saudi like? Also, are there any american universities in ksa? by the way your english is excellent. do all saudis speak fluent english as you seem to?

    is riyad like dubai?

    I know these are tons of questions…but I would appreciate if you could post an article answering them–if your time permits!

    my friends and family are against me going there. They are just afraid from what they see in the media..but I am kind of determined of making the move..but just want to make sure that a guy in his mid-twenties won’t be bored in ksa.

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, I am wondering what things we have until now on the site. Thanks for posting about Riyadh City. Your suggestions on English site of Riyadh City is always appreciated and welcomed.

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  4. If you enjoy the outdoors, especially at this time of year in Riyadh, desert treks are alot of fun for children of ALL ages. Check out the guide: “Desert Treks from Riyadh” by Ionis Thompson…Some trips are just 30 minutes away from the city.
    (book at jarir bookstore)

  5. two suggestions dude,
    1- either go out to thumama
    2- go to 3alam aljaleed (snow world) on king abdullah street, kids usually enjoy it there , or so I’ve heard.

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