The results of the Rimyoleta and Dotsson 2006 Awar…

The results of the Rimyoleta and Dotsson 2006 Awards are out, and yours truly has (un)expectedly won in the two categories he was nominated for. And just because I was added to the nominees in the last minute, Talal thinks that I have been cheating to win. Well, I have nothing to say but: conspiracy theory, baby! Surprisingly, Farah, our former Queen, did not win any of the awards. To the winners: don’t take it too seriously. Let’s just have fun. To the losers: don’t take it personally. Everybody knows you are better than those who won!

2 thoughts on “The results of the Rimyoleta and Dotsson 2006 Awar…

  1. Ahmed, help! for the past 2 months I haven’t been able to get myself to sit down and do some serious blogging. I keep forcing myself to but I just lost the fervor… there’s soooooooo many things I still have to say to the world but I feel like it’s useless and I keep getting so many complaints and I feel like it’s pretty much hindering many causes. esp with it in English… and..and.. you know what get on G talk and I’ll explain it to you.
    Anyway.. I don’t think I deserve it all that much since Ive become such a lazy blogger.. so congrats to all those who won. and better luck next time to those who didnt.
    Ta ta..
    -3ammatkum w taj raskum, Faroo7a.

    you deserve it,

    if you don’t mind, I have some questions.
    Is it yearly ceremony???
    and do you guys have such things in the future?????.
    What are your plans for the next year??????


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