Riyadh Bloggers Meetups

Several Saudi bloggers meetups have taken place in the past few months, and I was not able to attend any of them because I either was out of town, or they were girls exclusive ;-) I’m thinking about a meetup for Riyadh bloggers this weekend, and I want it to be big and great. The suggested date is Thursday March 2, 2006, and the place is to be decided later, depending on the number of those coming. If you are coming, please leave a comment here, and it would be also nice if you could write about it on your blog. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “Riyadh Bloggers Meetups

  1. Eve,
    I don’t know, I’m not in charge for the girls meetups, but you can call for one if you want.

    Welcome. Looking forward to meet you.

  2. Great!

    I’ll do my level best to attend this meeting ..it’s really exciting.. It’s gonna be a big surprise to both of us.

    I hate absence in these events

    Good Luck!

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