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Sometimes I work very hard on a post, hoping it would sparkle a discussion, provoke a controversy, or at least attract a decent number of comments. But then I get frustrated because that post would go unheard of, as if it never was. And sometime I carelessly write a one-line post, out of boredom or because I had nothing better to do, and I find myself faced with some very interesting comments from readers; comments that worth to be a separate blog posts by themselves. Most bloggers know that, and know how does it feel (and no, I’m not talking about those newbies who write two posts and start complaining about traffic).

Few months ago, I wrote a post out of frustration, and thought it won’t receive any comments, because, well, it was not that good. However, the post received some comments, one of which has accused me that my only point of writing the post was to hook up with girls. Actually, that post has a story. I started writing it after I was back from Ikea frustrated, and as I usually do with posts that contain more than one paragraph, I slept on it for several days.

When I returned to the post, I read it and found it dry and tasteless, so I thought I would spice things up a little by adding an innocent joke at the end; nothing more, nothing less. I was just trying to be sarcastic, which I apparently failed to do. But few days ago, I received some new comments on that post, and one of them actually included a real mobile number (I removed the comment). I was surprised, to say the least. How about you? What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Here is My Number

  1. I actually thought it was quite apparent that you were being sarcastic (and found that post to be socially critical). Anyhow, as for the comments, I think that as much as I enjoy your blog’s design, it doesn’t really encourage commenting. Just my two cents.

  2. i actually get this feeling quite a lot. Those articles on which I spend a lot of time get no comments, and those posts which are written in the spur of a moment get all the comments. I do know however that the shorter posts have higher chances of getting comments. Controvery sells, and if your posts are controversial, you are sure to get more comments. In my opinion, your posts are generally informative in nature, in other words, you are informing your audience of things happening in the country. If your posts took on a nature of suppose lets say an argumentative tone, then you are bound to attract comments. That’s just my opinion. No hard feelings. Peace.

  3. I just wanted to comment that I visit your blog several times a week. I am an older American woman, and I find your writings very interesting. It gives me a glimpse into your culture and country, which I know very little about. Thank you for sharing your blog and broadening my knowledge and understanding of your culture.

  4. Hi, I just visited your weblog and I find it very interesting. Your choice of “Saudi Jeans” is cool; and you have a lot to tell about your country. Keep writing, and will try to look at your Arabic Yaumiyyat as well.

    Peace, Joe.

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