A recent study has shown that men in Saudi Arabia …

A recent study has shown that men in Saudi Arabia spend more than women on their personal care. In fact, the Kingdom is the largest market in the region for men’s personal care products with about US$ 31m in sales in 2005. I have a question, though: where does all that money go? I can’t see the effect of such large spending on the state of “handsomeness” of Saudi men. Probably I just wasn’t paying enough attention. Or, maybe, you know what they say: you can’t buy good taste!

3 thoughts on “A recent study has shown that men in Saudi Arabia …

  1. no way? if they spend so much money on their looks then why do i see most of em’ not looking so-good-lookin’?
    lol like you’ve said, money can’t buy you style

  2. I read about this somewhere else before. The report said what you are saying: saudi male spend more than woman, and I wouldnt be surprised as I see so many guys so decked up and so perfumed up at most places! However, the funniest sight to see is men in make-up shops, like Mac or Make Up Forever Professional, showing the ladies how to use make up effectively. I went there one time with my sister and thought the whole thing was so absurd. Since when does a guy know much more about woman on how to apply a mascara so effectively!!?? Only in Saudi Arabia I guess!

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