Do toilet seat covers provide any real protection?…

Do toilet seat covers provide any real protection? The answer is NO. Actually, you have more to fear from bathroom door handles and faucets than from commodes.

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  1. Dear Ahmed,
    The response talks only about acquiring STD’s. What about other infectious skin diseases? Somehow, I am not quite convinced :(
    All the best, Aya

  2. I’m totally weird when it comes to clean hands. I hate touching public toilet door handles. I read of a study done on germs found on a mouse (electronic mouse, not the animal) and apparently they have more germs than a toilet seat! Something to think about if you’re ever in a net cafe

  3. that makes sense, most think the danger is in the seat so don’t sit but hover over to relieve themselves. But considering that some don’t wash their hands, eeewww you should use tissue or napkins to open the door. And those who do wash up use the handle first, so when your all done don’t use your clean hands to turn it off, use a napkin or tissue.

    but here is something more about the gulf region.. figure out what is floating around the bathroom floor in the womans toilets. EEWWW I hate using the public toilets here, besides the fact it is like they are expecting noahs pbuh ark to take off in it, what they DO in it is so totally DISGUSTING!!

    are the mens bathrooms the same??

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