Riyadh, Here We Come

Tonight, I’ll be leaving to Riyadh. The new semester starts tomorrow. To tell the truth, I have a bad feeling about leaving Hassa wallah. However, I miss some stuff about people from Riyadh, and I can do nothing about it, which is not a good thing to say the least. Light blogging for the coming weeks.

5 thoughts on “Riyadh, Here We Come

  1. Hi,
    My name is Amir and I’m from Iran.
    I’ve found your weblog by an Israeili weblog, and I’ve found it very intresting. You know, sometimes knowing something new about someone from a country can change your mind about the country itself, your country has been always a mysterious country for me, we’ve only heard about or visited two religous cities in your country, but haven’t heard much more about the other cities or the society itself, I think your blog and others’ could be a new window to get more familiar.
    Good Luck!

  2. just curious, when people say they have a bad feeling, it usually means something ominous…are you talking safety? Enjoyed your Jazeera postings and got to explore a bunch of new sites..good luck with school.

  3. Hey!

    Being a Swede who spent her entire childhood (and some) in Saudi, seeing your blog gives me a warm feeling of hope for the country that was my first home. Saudi will always be close to my heart – and blogs like this make it a little bit easier :) Keep up the excellent and oh-so-important work, I’ll definitely be bookmarking this page!

    Take care,


  4. Ahmed, I just started a blog and I am inviting other bloggers to participate. I will invite bloggers from other countries and hope to have a good cross section. Hopefully, I’ll have about 12 people from all over the world. Come and check out the intro and email me your thoughts when you have time. Thanks!

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