My good friends at the Awhadi website are providin…

My good friends at the Awhadi website are providing a live video feed (Windows Media Player required) from Al-Hussainia Al-Abbasiya in Hassa. The quality is low, but the experience worth it. I think it is good to see how these guys are using technology to make their voice heard and their action seen, especially in Saudi Arabia, where Shiites are not allowed to practice the Ashura rituals in public. The broadcast starts at 1730 GMT everyday.

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  1. why did you removed my comment?
    is it because you only beleive on your direction?
    You should learn how to say your comment and accept the others comments!

  2. whatever

    as you said Shiites ,,,

    المشكلة الادهى بعد

    ان الاوربيين و الامريكان
    ياخذون مقاطع الفيديو هذي
    ويقولن هذي احتفال الاسلام
    والاسلام دين دموي و وحشي

    حتى احتفالاته دموية

    خافو ربكم

  3. Ahmed, I applaud you for your patience.
    I took an Introduction to Islam class in my University thinking it would be an easy A because you know (I’m a Muslim) Haha. Let me tell you, it was an eye opener. It was easy until we got learning about Shi’a and Sufis. We saw loads of videos of the different rituals within each branch of Islam. I found amazing and interesting.

    Thanks for posting the link. :)

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