The previous story reminds me with another stupid …

The previous story reminds me with another stupid decision by the ministry of education, issued many years ago, forcing students in schools to wear thobes. It was so stupid, because, just like my college’s decision, there was one and only one role, which is the body of the decision itself: “all students should stick to the national dress” (btw, the expression “national dress” drives me nuts. It is just not right. An expression such as “traditional dress” is, imho, more appropriate).

The funny thing, there were many non-Saudi students who don’t even know how to wear a thobe, but they had to wear it anyway. Even funnier, on days when students have a PE class, they were supposed to wear their sports outfits underneath the thobe, because our schools, usually, have no such thing as locker rooms, where students can change their clothes.

Just imagine how the little bodies would be cocked under the sun in the extreme heat of summer.