Earlier this semester, I was leaving one of the labs, when I heard a voice calling on me. “Excuse me. Come over here, please.” It was the college’s deputy dean for academic affairs. “Are you a pharmacy student?” he asked me, and I said yes. He asked if I had a minute, and I said no. (I lied. I wanted to avoid meeting him, because these guys would never call you for a good reason.)

However, all my attempts to escape failed. “Can you come to my office at 10.05?” he asked. I had no choice but to say yes. I was waiting, wondering what the hell I have done. Have I broken any rules, or, worse, he found my blog, and did not like how I criticized them on previous occasions?

I was nervous. Have I committed a huge sin that he was willing to stop whatever he was doing just to come and talk to me? He arrived ten minutes late. He told me to come in, but he seemed on a hurry that he did not even sit on his chair. “Listen, I wanted to talk to you about your clothes. You know pharmacy students wear a grey scrubs. I don’t want to make you sign a paper saying you would never wear like this, so stick to the college uniform.”

What did I say? Nothing. He was not talking to me; he was giving orders. I just said OK, with a fake look on my face, and left the office.

Trying to figure out what was wrong with my clothes, I went looking for a mirror. I was wearing a light purple T-shirt, a pair of basic blue jeans, Adidas black shoes, and carrying my bag. (I know this combination sounds weird, but believe me, I looked fine.)

About a year-and-a-half ago, the college administration issued a decision stating that from this semester, “students should wear grey scrubs.” They did not say it is obligatory, and there are no rules, or a dress code or whatsoever to regulate this matter.

Due to the ambiguity of this decision, some students wear the grey scrubs all the time, some never wear them, and some wear them on days, and don’t on other days. I belonged to the second group. Not that I have a problem with wearing scrubs or anything. I don’t think that two pieces of grey would make me any less handsome ;-) But it did not make sense to me to invest in getting scrubs that I’m not obliged to wear, when I can put on different clothes on different days.

The absence of rules is disturbing, because it leaves you under the mercy of the official. If he were having a bad day, he would punish you for breaking a non-existent rule. If he is having a good day, and in a good mood, he would overlook hundreds of students wearing thobes, and even those wearing sweatpants with a najdiah, and not just that one student in a decent combination of a basic T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

I hate KSU, and I hate how it is run. You either have a clear set of rules (or a friggin’ dress code, or whatever), and you watch if it is respected and followed, and then you go to punish those who violate it, or, you keep your mouth shut, and leave students wear whatever they like, which makes more sense, because we are college students, for God’s sake, we are adults, and we don’t like to be told what to wear.

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  1. I found your blog in, I enjoy reading a blogger from the Saudi world! Lovely blog :-)
    Anyway, maybe a stupid question, what is a grey scrubs and thobe? Sorry, I have no idea… lol :-)

  2. correct me if i’m wrong but it seems as if you are connoting that wearing a thobe is something to be portrayed negatively. There are loads of stupid rules around but irritation at other people’s idiocy shouldn’t lead to demeaning their subjects (i.e. al-thobe)

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  4. Hi, I was out blogging and found your site. It certainly got my attention and interest. I was looking for health information and even though this isn’t perfect match I enjoyed your site. Thanks for the read!

  5. Hi:

    I just read your comments. In my opinion you should be able to wear your jeans as a pharmacy student. You’re just a college student anyway. If I were a pharmacy I’d be wearing my basic blue jeans and lab coat too.

  6. In Arabia is all so different of my countrie…
    well i would to think that it was ’cause of yours “light purple T-shirt”, and if it was, grey was a great choice, but probably it wasn’t. good luck on college and good luck making diference.

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  8. well hey there!

    first of all i gotta tell ya the truth ,, the signs that says it’s oblige are all over the college ,, really all over the collage .. and imagin a Med-studnet not wearing a scrubs ??!! personally i think the most matter thing is tha lab coat .. anywayz i just wanted to say this

  9. what are you crying about? just because you were told what to wear???

    Man grow out of it dude.
    BTW purple and black? thats what retired hippys wear.

    Man in my college in Australia, you wore that, you would be rain washed

  10. hmmm…I think he’s just suffering from severe insicurity complex, because you look better than him in t-shirt and jeans? :-)

  11. hehehe ..hey a7mad..wala ya a’7ee i just finished my five year studying pharmacy in kuwait university .. oo i will start my internship this september..the thing is as a girl ..i just hate the idea of waking up every morning thinking what to wear to work…i just wish we have the thing to wear scrubs all time at work …u will look good all the time… u know there is always this thing between doctors and pharmacits that they are better oo stuff… ena i should not wear scrubs cuz its thier thing..i really wana wear a purple scrubs my dad bought me from the satet when i satrt my job…do u think it is ok or leave the scurbs for the dacs?????

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