Make Women’s Working History!

After the case of the two girls who used to work at a restaurant in Qateef last year, here comes another story about a girl who worked at an optics shop (Arabic) in the same region. The 20-year-old married girl said, that after less than a week in the job, the religious police ordered the owner of the shop to fire her.

I don’t know what the religious police have to do with such issue, and how they could interfere in similar situations, but the girl thinks it’s not about the opinion of the religious police. “It is about the society that sill cannot accept women’s working in such jobs,” she said. She added that her husband has completely supported her, and that she used to work at the reception of a private hospital, but had to quit the job after the harassment she had to endure there.

Earlier this year, the Council of Ministers has issued a decision to open more job opportunities for women. However, if the religious police, and the army of the conservatives and extremists behind them, are going to interfere like this, Saudi women should consider the decision, that they described earlier as historical, to be history.